Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Panda Party

Our favorite, spunky little Madison girl turned two this year! Bethy threw her a super fun panda themed birthday party since V is very into pandas at the moment. I loved how Bethy used that cute theme in all the decor, food, favors and even outfits!

Mama bear with her baby bear

Beth made this amazing picture collage out of pictures of V and pandas, it was so sweet!

Guests were encouraged to wear black and white to the party to fit in with the theme

There was a cute panda mask craft for the kiddos to do while we waited for all the guests to arrive

hand painted panda grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids!

Lots of tummy food from Panda Express for dinner

How adorable is this panda cake Bethy made?! The whole singing happy birthday tradition went over much better this year. Last year, at her first birthday, she got nervous that all the attention was on her and she cried during the whole song. This year, she LOVES the happy birthday song and smiled and giggled the entire time.

Black and white donut holes, panda cupcakes and birthday cake were all served for dessert!

Then it was time for a fun surprise, a panda balloon drop!

The kids LOVED it!

Next up, present time!

I got V this counting piggy bank, I was pleased to see it was a hit!

After the party, while the adults were cleaning up, we convinced Ben to hold Dubie. It was so cute to see a Burton Boy holding a kitty, they aren't as obsessed with animals as I am, but I am slowly working on getting them on my level. Dubie looked so big!

Meanwhile, these two were causing mischief with some of V's toys ....

Happiest of birthdays to you Vienne! Thank you for bringing so much sunshine and happiness into all our lives. I love you!

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