Monday, June 11, 2018

Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium

Another fun outing we did as a family while the Burtons were in town, was visiting Sea Quest Interactive Aquarium in Layton.

"Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium takes you on an adventure through rainforests, deserts and the depths of the seas. With exciting exhibits and activities for families and children of all ages, you’ll be able to get wet with the stingrays, feed the toucans, encounter the caimans, marvel at the sharks, take selfies with the snakes and more."

Our first stop in the aquarium was to hang out with several types of lizards and iguanas. We got to get up close with them, and pet them very gently with two fingers.

Next, we toured through a few of their fascinating exhibits.

Our next interactive activity was to feed a couple of different species of birds. First were these adorable, little parakeets. We were all given a small dish full of bird seed, then were escorted into the walk-in aviary. The birds were excited to see us and instantly flew from their perches to get a treat. I had a bunch in my lap, a few on my hand, and even more scuttling around my feet looking for drops seeds. It was heaven.

When our visit was over, the bird keeper clapped her hands and all the parakeet flew up to their perches, so we were able to exit without any of them walking out the door with us.

Next, we got to feed these colorful Lorikeets, which are slightly larger than parakeets. Instead of birdseed, we were given little dishes with a sweet syrup inside that the birds would lick up. While the lorikeets were excited about the treat, they weren't as giving with their affection as the parakeets, once the syrup was gone, they didn't hang around. They are such gorgeous birds, it was so fun to get to interact with them.

Lastly, we got to feed the stingrays! I was pretty excited about this experience. We were given small trays with little pieces of shrimp. Just like the birds, the stingrays were excited about the treats and came right over to us. I loved feeling their smooth, slipper fins and it was quite a unique experience for them to eat the shrimp right out of my hand!

We all loved our time at this wonderful, fun and interactive aquarium, it's the perfect summer activity since it's inside!

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