Thursday, July 30, 2009


Having a photographer sister results in a lot of fashion shoots, and I'm not even mad they are so fun! Some of the things she makes me do in order to get these simply amazing shots are pretty hilarious! The first picture is from our trip to Rome and sadly I can't find the rest of the shots! As you can tell it was a rad photo shot maybe I can convince the photographer to give me copies again.

This photo shoot was taken on the rolling hills of New Zealand .... when I traveled there and hung out with Brett, Jemain and Murry in my dreams! This was actually a spontaneous shoot on a random hill across from Cabela's in Utah's one and only Lehi! Haha the one of Bethy was taken by me, I liked it, thought it was cool, thus it is here.

Mona = awesomeness. They have these gorgeous lavander feilds that are at their prime in the summer, they even have lavender a festival, I love festivals. I'm wearing my grandma Christensen's dress which is this awesome lace with this cool beading and my grandma Johns' necklace. Go grandmas they were definitely hip and fashionable.

Thanks to bethy for all the fun and creative photo shoots she comes up with! She is amazing, honestly a SWEET photographer. If you like these photos and would want rocking engagment photos or something or are just in to photography or like to look at cool photos, take a little gander at her website


  1. oooo thanks for the shout out. You know it helps when I have a gorgeous sister as a model. Photographs of you always look good. Thanks for letting my photograph you over all these years, while I was first learning, and now as I continue to learn. And of course you can have another round of the Rome pics, Ill send them right along. (and your own versions of the lavender shoot as well) Love you.

  2. Oh my heavens Kate! You are seriously gorgeous! And Bethany is so talented :) Glad you found the lost post!!

  3. you are such a hottie. wow. i love you! and i love reading your blog! i totally have been stalking. lets get together soon. im in provo quite a bit. zupas?