Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Air Festivities

I have done some pretty awesome things recently so I am going to blog about them to show the world my creative, unique, and amazing experiences. (Pictures are compliments of the one and only Bethany Madison, look her up, she is the best photographer, dead serious.)

For all of you who know my sister Bethy you know what an amazing party hostess she is, so when she shared with me her idea of having a HP6 dinner party I eagerly tried to get myself invited, my clever scheming worked. We had a typical Hogwarts dinner on finest pewter wear complete with pumpkin juice and butterbeer, oh my heavens it was delicious, house elf cooking would have been shamed by the quality of this meal. Then we took silly photobooth pictures, dressing up as Hogworts students complete with the best props, then we went and saw the last showing of the new HP on opening day! I must say that I loved it entirely, one of the best HP movies yet.

This proved to be quite the feat none of us was expecting. The Madisons, my dad and myself had planned and prepared, both mentally and physically, for a 4 hour hike, it turned out to be an 8 hour escapade in 100 degrees of heat. The elevation gain is 4000 feet done in 3.5 miles, not that long but suuuuper steep! The last 1/4 of a mile is a straight up 600 feet of bouldering, my favorite part, seriously it was really fun. Reaching the top was truly inspirational you can see EVERYTHING. It is a gorgeous hike with breath taking views just make sure you have strong legs, thick socks and a personal paparazzi to take excellent pictures of your experience.

I just need to say that my family is awesome, we do the coolest things. My dad got us all tickets to one of the numerous concerts that make up the outdoor music festival this summer, the concert was the hits of ABBA with the Utah symphony at the outdoor amphitheater at Deer Valley. It was pure awesomeness. We began our evening at the top of Main Street in Park City and dined at the Grappa, which is the bees knees. Then we attended our concert, we almost got rained out! Waterloo is the most famous ABBA cover band in Norway and they performed with the Utah Symphony, needless to say it was a party. They taught us how to Swedish Finger Dance and they looked exactly like ABBA, complete with unbelievable outfits.

Some other fun summer adventures that I have done include:
:: Biking all over Sandy, West Jordan and Draper
:: Discovering the amazing slide rock in Alpine (I suggest this to anyone, SO FUN!)
:: Fashion Shoot in the Mona Lavander Feilds
:: Slowly learning how to long board
:: Gourmet cooking lessons
:: Swimming in the Spanish Fork reservoir
:: Seeing every movie that comes to the theaters and all the good ones at Red box
:: Baking home made bread, rolls and pizza dough
:: Moving to the apartment of my dreams
:: And of course enjoying my freedom from homework


  1. The Harry Potter pics of you and Nicky B are awesome. That reminds me that we still need to have our Twilight party. Have you recovered from your hike yet? At least you got some really pretty views. And I am going to get you back someday for putting that geeky picture of me at the ABBA concert on your blog. Muhahaha!

  2. We do fun things. Im glad that you are my miniature sister. yes, that hike made me distressed, but that concert was prime. Thanks for all your help with the party, you are amazing at that last mad rush before every party. Did you use your felix potion for something good?