Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ol' Faithful and Friends

Itsn't Yellowstone GORGEOUS?! Its so green, lush and beautiful! One of our days was dedicated to the geyser basin. There are three different levels that contain different marvels to excite their viewers. The lower basin is the home of the Clepsydra and Fountain geysers, both of which were erupting while we were there. (Yes we did plan to wear our matching tye dye shirts on the same day, you don't have to tell me I know you are all jealous of them.)

The middle basin level was my favorite. It is the home of the Grand Prismatic Spring. Honestly it is amazing!

The top level is probably the most famous as it is the home of the well known Old Faithful! I was so excited to finally see it in person and by golly it sure is faithful (give or take 10-15 minutes ...) The top level is absolutely H U G E! We only had an hour to explore but we saw lots of beautiful springs, intense bacteria mats, as well as some other erupting geysers such as the lion trio geysers. We also found a nest of baby birds! I loved it! They were adorable and so little you should all click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see their little heads popping out to spy on us. I am proud to say that I am a sucker for any kind of wild life.

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  1. ahhh birdies!!!!! so cute. Im a sucker too.... probably one of the biggest ones out there. Love all the color in your pics. You should make some wall groupings of them and then hang them in the chic modern home you often dream about having.....on a rich turquoise wall....well at least a modern "room" if not complete home, everyone has got to have at least one modern minimalist room right? Well...mine really isn't that minimalist so I take that whatever you want but I still love the color.