Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Sea World to Tide Pools

While we were in San Diego we went to Sea World!! It's always a fun place to go. We saw all the shows which are so cool, as well as a few of the different exhibits such as petting sting rays and going through the shark tunnel. It was a fun day and the girls loved it, they even got to pick out a special Sea World stuffed animal, which is something I always loved as a child.

I thought these birds were so hilarious, their top feathers made them look so frazzled

Seriously I couldn't get over these birds I thought they were hilarious, this one looked so bitter about something

Jenny was super excited about the new pet show they have at Sea World. I will admit I thought it was pretty random to have a show with cats and dogs and pigs and birds and random animals like that at Sea World, but it actually turned out to be pretty entertaining, they got those animals doing some pretty fun things!

A few days later we explored the opposite side of the ocean, the tide pools. I love going to tide pools I just think they are so fascinating, I find the ocean and every thing that lives in it so mysterious and magical. We went at the perfect time of day when the sunlight was just gorgeous as it reflected off the water.

There were millions of sea anemones whose outsides were all covered with bits of sea shells

I was amazed at how many little crabs there were crawling around everywhere

After the tide pools we made our way to Sea Port Village to have dinner at the Edge Water Grill, we had a perfect few of the water front as the sun was setting which was gorgeous! I figured I should probably have some type of fish while in San Diego where we are so close to the ocean, so they only kind of fish I could bring myself to eat was their deliciously deep fried fish and chips.

The next day we said goodbye to San Diego and drove to Anaheim for the second part of our vacation in the happiest place on earth! On our way there we stopped off at San Diego old town, unfortunately the Mormon Battalion museum was closed so we enjoyed the fun little shops and out door kiosks filled with little home made trinkets.

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  1. Wow! You got some awesome wildlife pictures. They could be submitted to National Geographic. Will was very impressed and now wants to go to Sea World.