Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disneyland : Day one

I have way too many pictures from our adventures in Disneyland so I decided to divide them up by day, so you will get three wonderful posts full of Disneyland fun. Since we were with the Griffins we were at the gates of Disneyland 30 minutes before they opened. It was fun waiting with the die hard fans, you could just feel all the pent up excitment waiting to burst as soon as the gates were opened.

All the girls in our party were excited to meet Rapunzel, she is quite the tricky girl to catch she is only available for 20 minutes every hour or so, so we made sure to be in line 10 minutes before she was available. It definitely was a magical experience.

Nora had never been on Space Mountain so I felt privledged to be a part of her first experience on my favorite ride, Space Mountain is seriously the best. Here she is all excited to go ...

She is starting to get a little bit nervous ...

The after math ... it wasn't her favorite.
But she was happy she went!

I love the whole atmosphere of Disneyland, everything about it is so charming and dripping with magicalness. I love the southern theme that is all through out main street and New Orleans Square. There definitely isn't anywhere else like it on earth.

For lunch I got a micky shaped pretzel. It's true, if it is Mickey shaped it is much better. Jenny and Mike know all the best places to eat and all the best treats to try, these pretzels, especially the cream cheese filled ones, are one of their favorite things to get for lunch or a snack. I had never had one before and I will confirm, they are very, very tastey.

This is the only tea cup that we can get my dad to get in, the stationary one. So this picture, is very rare.

Lovely family picture ...

What we had to change to get that family picture, it wasn't easy.

Pirates of the Carribean is one of the things that makes Disneyland the wonderful Disneyland we all know and love. I HAVE to go on this ride every time I go to Disneyland, and it is usually one of the first ones we head to. Its just the best and there usually is no line which means I usually ride it multiple times. Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me!

Ok so I know I don't know this little girl, but I just thought it was sooo cute. She is obviously one of Tiana's biggest fans and she was sooo excited to meet her and give her the biggest hug. I found it too cute to pass up.

This trip was the first time that I had ever taken a ride on the famous Mark Twain. I had never been too interested in it, but now I have an intense obsession for anything southern, I jumped at the opportunity to go. It was so fun! At the end of the day when we asked Nora what her favorite ride that day was she said the big boat!

The night for dinner we dined at the lovely Catal in downtown Disney. Oh my goodness the food there is one of a kind. All their dishes are such creative combinations of different kinds of foods and flavors, it was exquisite. I had the veal, and it was an experience. For dessert I had a s'more that had been dissembled. There were house made marshmallows, graham cracker ice cream and a small flourless chocolate cake. It was pretty good, very unique though.


  1. Awww this makes me miss Disneyland sooo much! Good thing we're going there for our honeymoon. :) (I know, creative and exotic. Ha.)

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love Disneyland. You got some great pictures. The one of Dad in a teacup is one I don't think we've ever taken:)