Friday, February 18, 2011

The Things We Did

While in Charleston we stayed at the Mills House Hotel which was absolutely fabulous the inside was luxurious and the rooms were so deluxe! It was a dream to stay there!

The wonderful view from my room

Every morning we had the most wonderful and huge breakfast buffets that had anything and everything you could ever want.

On our first day in Charleston the entire group went on a cruise of the harbor. It was a gorgeous day and perfect conditions for a little cruise. It was also really fun to see the homes of Charleston from the water, they are quite impressive.

We saw plenty of dolphins!

One day we had lunch at Magnolias, could you ask for a better southern restaurant name, it was just dripping with charm. I got a BLT with fried green tomatoes, I had to make sure to eat them at least once while I was in the South, with a hefty side of sweet potato fries. I believe in embracing the culture I am visiting which includes trying all the foods they are famous for! It was too good for words.

We spent a couple of days touring old historic homes around the city. Of course you can't take pictures inside of any of them, major pet peeve, so here are some pictures I pulled from the internet to show how stunning these homes are. Most of these pictures are from the Nathanial Russel home.

This music room was one of my favorites. I love how Southern architecture paints their walls different colors such as this peachy pink, its bold yet sophisticated. That was one of my favorite things to notice in every room that we toured because they were all painted in such unique colors, or had interesting patterned wall papers. I hope to have a southern themed room in my future home, another thing that has been added to my dream house has after this trip is a wrap around porch complete with rocking chairs.

Charleston is well known for their woven baskets, so we made sure to walk along the streets where the women sit and weave their baskets and set all their products out for sale. It was fascinating to watch them weave these beautiful baskets.

We also made sure to take some time to go through the open market that runs through the middle of town and that is where we found these beautiful framed butterflies. Bethy and I both got a couple just cause we thought they were fun and different and were so inexpensive. Since I have been home I wish I had gotten more because they are gorgeous hung on the wall and make any room very elegant. I guess I will just have to go back to Charleston to get some more.

At our farewell dinner Tauk Tours had a fun surprise for us! These cute little flapper dancers came and gave us a little farewell show. Oh it was soooo cute! It was fun way to end our amazing time in the South, I already can't wait to go back!

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