Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Catamaran

While we were in San Diego we stayed at the most wonderful hotel, Th Catamaran. It was like a little Hawaiian oasis. Our rooms opened right to the bay so we had our own little private beach complete with volleyball courts and sail boats. The inner courtyard was filled with pools of koi and dozens of ducks of all different species. They even had a little area where they kept 5 parrots, that you could visit anytime, and if you were lucky you could get them to talk. The lobby had a huge waterfall which was fascinating. It was just a little paradise on earth.

These were the kind of ducks that were outside of my door, they are mandarin ducks and I just thought they were so cool looking! They also looked hilarious when they would stretch out their necks when they got flustered.

This was the gorgeous sunset that welcomed us to San Diego on the first night we were there, it was just breath taking.

We had the most delicious breakfasts every morning at the hotel

Since my room was on the end of my building this was what was next to my door, so I would pass it numerous times a day, I jut thought it was such a beautiful little pathway.

This is the path I would take to get to my mom and dad's room as well as the griffins

One day dad and I took a little beach cruiser ride around the bay, it was beautiful! Just the perfect day with the sun shining, the cool bay breeze blowing, peddling our bright orange beach cruisers around the boardwalk, it was just so great.

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