Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breakfast At The Grand

Every year my Grandmother takes the entire extended family out to brunch at the wonderful Grand America Hotel.  I look forward to this tradition every year, I think it is such a fun thing to do with the family and a fun way to get to see everyone.  Above is a picture of granna with some of her great grand children.  Granna is such a sweet, loving and thoughtful lady, I am so grateful to have her as my grandmother and to have the opportunity to get to know her sweet spirit. 

Some of the girl cousins

After our delicious meal we always like to wander about the hotel and enjoy all the glorious decorations they have up for the Christmas season.  Their Christmas trees are always spectacular, so classy and gorgeous!

Then we stumbled upon the new toy store that had just opened earlier this year.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  That place is so completely magical and enchanting.  At every turn there was something amazing.

 These little fairies were in a giant tree that was right in the middle of the store, I thought they were so dainty and fun!


Space ship Christmas tree

This dog was made entirely out of rolled up pieces of magazines and news paper. How neat is that!
Uhm, yes, I do want this awesome doll house
Such a fun Christmas tree right by the toy store.  At fist I thought it was decorated with balloons, but they are actually big glass ornaments.

The holiday windows weren't nearly as neat as they were last year.  They told the story of a little penguin named Maurice.  I didn't do the entire scavenger hunt and follow the entire story, but I did think the little penguin was adorable so I included a couple of pictures of him just for kicks.

That afternoon Karin took Jenny and I to get pedicures as our birthday presents, it was a very fun and funny experience.  Lesson learned : don't wear skinny jeans when getting a pedicure hahaha.  Then we picked up mom and went to lunch at Elizabeth's Tea House downtown.  We had pasties, meat pies and scones and I thought it was all delicious!

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  1. That was a super fun day! I LOVE the picture of the boys looking out the window. That toy store was so magical--you got some great pictures!