Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas a day early this year which made it a nice and relaxing day.  We all slept in and then enjoyed our traditional Christmas breakfast of the cinnamon rolls we made at bread day at aunt Sue's, they are soooo delicious!

Then we all gathered for our Christmas pajama picture on the stairs, every year it gets more and more crowded and chaotic, but I love this tradition!  We are going to have to get creative with fitting everyone in as more and more babies come

Then it was present time!  All the kids carried in the presents and were so excited!  I love watching little kids on Christmas, their joy and enthusiasm are so sincere.

Grammie had helped all the kids make these snowflake ornaments for their parents.  Will and Nora were so excited to give their mom and dad their gorgeous gifts!

Thomas' reaction to the adorable clothes I gave him, I knew he would love them!
Helping Sammy open one of his gifts

Will was excited about the things I gave him as well, he worked so hard on his glow in the dark book while everyone else opened their presents.

One little Elf had had a little too much excitement.  Oh those cheeks!  They are just so kissable!
Will was very interested in some Swiss chocolates that the Madison's gave me, I was nice enough to share them with him.

Rum balls, jewelry, and lotion my mom got all she asked for and more!
Owl number 385 for my dad's collection
So happy and content on Christmas!
Sammy really wanted some of Grammie's rum balls, but seeing as these were the strongest rum balls any of us had tasted, we decided it best if he didn't try one.  It probably would have knocked him out for a couple of hours haha

Sam LOVED having his older boy cousins around to play with, he was their little shadow and followed them where ever they went.  The Burton boys adored him right back and loved playing with him!  I love that all the cousins are so close even though they don't live near each other.

Thomas showing off one of the cute outfits I got him for Christmas.  What a little stud muffin!

Then it was time to reenact the Nativity.  This is always such a funny experience.  Every single kid wanted to be a shepherd, we had to convince Evie to be Mary, but as you can tell in the pictures, she wasn't too thrilled about it.  Surprisingly no one wanted to be wise men, so we stayed true to the story  and had no wise men at the birth of Christ.  Thomas seemed to be ok with being the Christ child until it was time to take the pictures ... so he was replaced with a baby doll, but he still wanted to be in the pictures haha.  So enjoy the fun pictures we got of our reenactment of the Nativity.

Thomas telling some jokes ...
Finally Evie was happy when she got to hold a little sheep and not a baby

Ben was the most patient shepherd of the entire clan.  He sat and smiled the entire time, at the end he slowly inched away and took a little nap on his sheep.
After our manger scene we gathered in the living room to watch a sweet video on Mary and the Christ child.  It was a nice way to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Then Bethy gave a little presentation on the Christmas markets that she and Reece visited in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.  The pictures she showed us were breathtaking, those markets look like the most magical things in the world!  Then she gave each one of us a little ornament that she had picked out at the various markets.  They were such sweet and special gifts.

We had such a fabulous holiday with our entire family!  It was a very merry Christmas indeed.

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