Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelly

 Kelly's birthday is on December 30th.  Her favorite season is Fall.  Since those two things will never coincide we decided it would be fun to throw Kelly a fall themed birthday, so she can enjoy all her favorite fall things while celebrating her big day.  We held the party at Laura's house and Bethy and Angie did a marvelous job turning the venue into an autumn oasis.  Laura worked her magic in the kitchen, like she always does, and made her famous and  fabulous chicken pot pie that is to die for!  The buffet also included two fruit platters with different dipping sauces, one was a caramel cream cheese concoction that was divine! Libby made her coconut cupcakes, one of Kelly's favorites! And we had crio bru and caramel apple spices for our yummy drink bar.  Oh it was fine dining at it's best!  I am so lucky to be friends with such wonderful cooks and creative geniuses 

 The dress code of the party was comfortable lounge wear and the goal was to be stress free.  So after our delicious dinner we hung out, swapped stories, opened presents, shared giggles, ate some more food, had second helpings of crio, and just had a wonderful time as friends.  Throughout the entire night we all helped make a special present for Kelly, a super cute fall wreath.  Everyone would just work on it at their own pace, working while we all talked.  Since there was so many of us making one craft, it wasn't stressful or rushed and we had one adorable masterpiece by the end of the night for Kelly to take home.

Laura has the most adorable cat, she has like ten names so I'm not sure what her original name is but we call her Dees, she had a fun time crafting to.  She liked to be right in the middle of it all, surveying our crafting skills.

More pictures of the cat because I love fuzzy animals way too much.

The finished product!

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  1. I remember you guys telling me about this party. It's fun to see pics. I love the wreathe you made. It reminds me of the one you and Beth helped me make last year for Valentines day--in pinks and reds.