Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Fun Day

We have such fun days when the Burton's come to visit!  Today was an especially fun day!  The day began at Brighton for our annual family ski/board day.  This year's group consisted of Andrew, John, Ricky, Me, the Madison's and Taylor and Becca Palmatier.  It was such a perfect day to be at a ski resort.  It was warm, lightly snowing and the snow was soft and wonderful!  We all had a total blast!  I am so glad that the Burton boys love to ski so much even though they live in Arizona! I always look forward to our ski day every year.  I keep hoping one day they will want to learn how to board.... One day, one day.

The awesome girls of the group

we did a lot of waiting ...

While us big kids were out skiing Karin, Jenny and my mom had a fun craft/activity day for all the little kids and their cousins.  One of the activities was to wrap a friend up like a snowman.  I thought these pictures were too cute not to post.
Ben went the extreme route and even wanted his face covered, he definitely looks like a snowman!
Thomas had a blast being santa at the party!
After our various activities we all gathered at Cheesecake Factory for a delicious family dinner then headed over to Thanksgiving Point for a trolley ride through the holiday lights.  (A little glimpse into my job, I book all these tours for the holidays! haha)

We had rented out the entire trolley so we had it all to ourselves wich was so fun and nice!  The little kids LOVED the ride, they were fascinated by all the lights.  Evie gave us such a cute little commentary of everything she was seeing, her little face and voice was filled with excitement!

After our fun trolley ride we came back to the water tower plaza to get hot chocolate at the ice cream parlor located inside the deli.  Cute bethy had made little hot chocolate packets for all of us with a peppermint stirring stick and some baby marshmallows to make our hot chocolate all gourmet.  

Will is such a little ham and is the master of silly faces for photos (PS all these Thanksgiving Point pictures are from Bethy, isn't she just the best?)

The kids love lining up along the counter while they enjoy their treats from the ice cream parlor, our family usually fills the whole place!

All four sisters!
Will was so cute on the drive home, he is a very dedicated little artist.
I love spending time with my family! We always have such a good time  with each other!

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  1. Awesome day! Andrew and John were very excited to experience some snow while we were there! It was hard to have a snow party for the little kids without any snow! My favorite was the TP snowmen! You got such great expressions on the kids--especially Will!