Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bon Aniversere Libby

Last weekend we celebrated another wonderful one of our fabulous friends.  It was Libby's birthday and we celebrated by throwing her a colorful parisian themed birthday party!  It was such a fantastic party, Bethy and Angie were the geniuses behind it all. The festivities were held in Bethy's colorful house which went along with the theme perfectly!  Our menu was made up of all french food, we had an assortment of pastries from Les Madelines, French cheeses & crackers, croque monsieur sandwhiches, and French macarons, and

I have to take a moment to rave about these french macarons, we get them for every party/ get together we have because they are AMAZING! We get them from Kelly with le Petit Macaron in Provo and does the most spectacular job.  They are so fun and colorful and there are so many delcious flavors to choose from.  For this party, they ordered an assortment of all the different flavors and had such a fun time trying all of them and trying to pick which ones were our favorites.  My favorites from the night were chocolate mint, orange chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut.  If you are having a party, you should probably order some of these, they will change your life and they are gluten free!  yay!

Libs and Crystal

Angie made these parfaits and they were just heavenly!  She layered differnt kinds of berries with hand whipped, ROSE whipped cream and crushed meringue cookies!  Seriously, it was the best parfait I have ever had in my life!  

I love these garlands that Angie made simply by sewing together a bunch of paper circles she cut out using a paper punch, so easy and so fun!
Dubie of course needed to be a part of the party, he was a good little kitten and posed for pictures with everyone, he is such a little social cat!

For drinks we had several differnt flavors of Lorina lemonade, all were delicious and so refreshing and such fun colors!

We handed out take and bake french baguettes as take home favors so everyone could enjoy some warm, freshly baked french bread over the next couple of days.

                    We dined in the living room wich also had some fun and colorful parisan decorations!

We had a lot of fun accessories to wear to make for fun pictures.  Guests were asked to attend wearing black and white striped shirts, skinny jeans (either black or in a fun bright color)  and were given a fun, colorful neck scarf when they arrived.

It was a fun and relaxing evening full of friends, food, fun and lots of fun conversation. Happy Happy birthday Libby!

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  1. What a colorful and festive party and what good friends! It makes me happy to see you with them, enjoying the ups and downs of life, and making some memorable events in the midst of everyday life.