Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebration

Day two of our Easter celebration started with the Sunday morning session of conference.  It was wonderful as conference always is.  Sam and nora had a good time taking notes with Grammy.

Jenny made these special easter lilies with the girls to remind them the real meaning of easter and why it is such a joyous holiday.  She got the idea from The Friend magazine. Each of the girls traced their hand onto a white piece of paper and cut it out. we wrapped it like a cone around a green pipe cleaner and taped it, and put some pieces of yellow pipe cleaner in for stamens. Then we curled the petals around a pencil. I thought they turned pretty cute.
During the 2 hour conference break we had the kids change into their very special Easter outfits to open their easter baskets and to go on a fun little Easter egg hunt!  We had the kids play with Mike in another room while "easter bunny Jenny" hide eggs all around the family room.  She is the cutest little mother, she gets so excited to make all holidays fun for her little kiddos and she does such a great job.
After the girls changed into their pretty little dresses they asked for a little bit of make up since I had just finished getting ready for the day (in the middle of the afternoon ....) so I was happy to doll them up just a little bit!

I found these adorable chicks at Wal Mart and literally could not help myself I needed to buy them!  When you hold them in your hand they "cheep!" they are serisously so adorable!  They are as close as the real thing that I could get!
After all the eggs had been hidden throughout the room we let the kids come and open up their Easter baskets!  They were thrilled with all their Easter goodies!

Sam happened upon some of the eggs for the egg hunt when he was walking in and was thrilled when he discovered that they were filled with candy!  He sat on the couch, opened his two eggs and ate every single jelly been that fell out of those eggs, it was adorable to watch the joy on his cute little round face.

After enjoying the goodies in their baskets, the girls could not wait to fill their baskets up with candy filled eggs!  They were like two little whirl winds whipping around the room picking up all the eggs they could find!  It was so cute to hear them get excited when they found a cleverly hidden egg and their little giggles of glee.

This was the hardest egg to find.  In the end Evie was the one who found it, with a few hints from the friends of the easter bunny....

Then we piled all three happy children into the nest for an attempt at a group shot.  Below is the best I could get haha.

Accepting the jelly bean bribe to be good in a picture... Sam didn't really hold up his end of the deal ... haha he was too excited to look through his easter treasures in his basket since he had been too preoccupied with the candy filled eggs earlier.

Since the kids were getting so many treats the adults headed to the grown up candy stash to join in the easter fun!  Here is a little sampling of the treats I brought to snack throughout the weekend.  I have a few things I must have every year such as caramel filled cadburry eggs and reese's peanut butter eggs. I found a lot of new treats that I just couldn't resist trying such as the neapolitan chocolate covered marshmallow eggs.  I know Jenny loves marshmallows as well as neapolitan flavored things so I thought it would be the perfect treat.  However, while they do look super cute and rather festive, they taste pretty gross .... the chocolate was nasty and the marshmallow wasn't that good either ... so I wouldn't recommend them, but they were still fun to have around.

They have such a cute inside! I just wish they tasted better.
The fun didn't stop at the easter baskets and egg hunt!  We then moved on to decorating easter cupcakes!  I had bought a lot of fun things to decorate them with such as cute little sugar nests with jelly bean eggs, cupcake shaped marshmallows, strawberry marshmallows that had a fruity jelly filling, lots of sprinkles and edible grass!  It was fun to see what people came up with.  I thought  every single cupcake was absolutely adorable!  Seriously, easter is such a fun holiday!

The girls were exciting to use all the fun decorations, but they only wanted to decorate one cupcake each.  Thus were developed their easter masterpieces!

I had tried to figure out a way to make a cupcake with a peep laying some eggs but couldn't figure it out so cute jenny persisted and made this adorable cupcake.

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  1. I love your pictures! They are so adorable. I also loved all the Easter candy you brought - Easter candy is the best!