Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Eggstreme

This year we did all of our fun Easter activities over conference weekend since everybody would be up for the entire weekend and we could spread out our numerous activities!  While the boys were at priesthood we had an egg dying party.  Mom and I had gathered some different ideas for new ways to decorate some eggs, we tried them all out and I must say they all turned out so wonderfully!  The idea that I was dying to try (pun intended) was an idea that I got off the blog Our Best Bites.  Basically you find some 100% silk ties, I found some at the DI and my brother in law Mike was generous to donate a few of his old mission ties to the cause, cut them apart, and wrap them tightly around raw eggs.

Then you wrap them all in an outer layer of a thin white fabric, I used an old wash cloth, you could also use an old pillow case.

Then you put them all in a pot of water with 1/4 cup vinegar, bring the water to a boil, and let them cook for 20 minutes!

We decided to take a little break and join Sam in indulging in some Easter candy.  I bought so much candy this year!  I just saw so many new things that I really wanted to try.  I also had to buy a couple of bags of jelly beans because I couldn't decided which kind would be the best, there are just too many to choose from!  I am pretty sure the majority of the jelly beans ended up in Sam's little tummy.

I found about these marshmallow eggs from my friend Alexis.  I think the idea of putting them in an egg carton is the cutest thing in the world and is the main reason why I desperately wanted to try them.  They were so delicious!  In my opinion they are the best easter marshmallow treat.  The marshmallow was fist of all good tasting, unlike peeps, and was the perfect consistency.  I also thought the chocolate they were covered in was pretty tasty, needless to say, these little eggs were gone by the end of the evening. 

I had bought these adorable marshmallow cupcakes to use for when we decorated real cupcakes, as soon as Evie saw them, she HAD to try one and asked about a million times in her sweet little voice if she could try one.  I finally said she could if she would let me take some cute pictures of her holding it, man she sure held up her end of the deal.

After our little candy tasting break we began round two of our egg dying party

The eggs weren't cooling fast enough for the little girls so we made them a pretty intense ice bath.

Sam continued to stuff his face full of jelly beans and oversee our egg dying party.

After we had dyed all the eggs the little girls went to town decorating them with all sorts of stickers.  The eggs looked very festive!

We put a few eggs aside to try out a kit that I picked up at walmart that glitterfied your dyed eggs using a magic glitter shaker.  I have to admit I was pretty excited to test it out.  It totally worked and our glitter eggs were gorgeous!

Then it was finally time to unwrap my tie dyed eggs.  I was nervous cause quite a few of the things I try off the internet don't work out.  Thank goodness this wasn't one of them!  It totally worked!  And the eggs looked great.  Of course the darker patterned ties produced the most vivid and pronounced patterns but they all had at least a little pattern on them.  The "top" of the egg where the fabric was tied, had a kind of swooshy water color pattern to it.  But the "bottom" where the fabric was tight and flat across the surface of the egg had a perfect imprint of the pattern from the tie.

Now that I know about this method I am going to be collecting cool, silk ties all year long! 
Then it was time for egg dying event number three.  Mom had bought some plastic eggs, sticky dots and some glitter at the craft store to create the cutest glitter, polka dot eggs!  The girls loved this activity!

Brushing off the excess glitter ....

Ta Da!  aren't they adorable?!  An added bonus of these eggs is that you get to keep them and use them year after year!

What an awesome collection of beautifully decorated eggs!


  1. You take the most fantastic pictures! I enjoy your enthusiasm and the positive take in all of your posts...they are uplifting and fun to read.

    It makes me happy to see you girls enjoying each other and being good friends. Keep up effort it takes to get together and enjoy life through all its various stages with your sisters. Shared memories are the best!

  2. Im still in awe about how fantastic your eggs turned out. Im also still detoxing from all the easter candy we ate, YUM. Easter was a blast this year, thanks for taking pics and heading up so many of the activities.

  3. I loved our Easter activities! The tie dyed eggs turned out so awesome. I'm especially glad you found that egg tie. Such an ugly tie - such a beautiful egg. Haha.

  4. Still waiting for an opportunity to join your family.

    [You are all so amazing and crafty! Next holiday I am going to lurk on the deck and watch the Johns women. I will also take pictures of all your things and pin them all to Pinterest so the world can see your amazingness.]

    Please leave your blinds open.

  5. Those eggs are AMAZING! We are definitely going to try the silk tie trick and glitter next year. I was lame and didn't get to dying eggs this year so I better make next year pretty cool. Thanks for the awesome ideas!