Sunday, April 22, 2012

Futuristic, Neon, Glitter

Playing dress up shouldn't just be for little girls, it's more fun when your grown ups!  To celebrate our beautiful friend Cassandra's 32nd birthday we threw her the ultimate dress up party.  The theme was futuristic, glitter, neon and fun!  All the guests showed up at Bethy's house, were we combine all our resources such as make up, glitter, jewelry, colored wigs, accessories, clothes and make up skills and transformed everyone into gorgeous, glitterfied divas.  Getting ready all together was half the fun!  Everyone looked fantastic!

Angie Stardust, inspired by one of her favorite classic artists David Bowie, and his alternate ego Ziggy Stardust.

The gorgeous birthday girl!

After we had all been made over we headed to Provo to have dinner and drinks at the superb Spark restaurant.  I love that place, the food is AMAZING! and the drinks (which are all alcohol free!) are so fancy and way too much fun. 
I went to Spark a little early to set up our table with all sorts of fun decorations, balloons and treat bags that Bethy had put together.
Our treat bags were filled with all sorts of fun goodies!  Our after dinner activity was lazer tag so the goodies bags were centered a little around that theme as well as the neon part of the theme.  We got lazer pointers, "lazer" packs of gum, glow in the dark rings, bracelets and necklaces, highlighters so we could write messages to each other on our hands and arms that we wouldn't be able to see until we got under the black lights at the lazer tag place and brightly colored french macaroons (since we are ADDICTED to them!  They are pictured later in the post)

(I took a lot of pictures with my phone, and since there was such low light they are kinda blurry and stuff by they are still fun, so I know they are bad quality but I'm including them anyway)

We were quite the scene amid the minimalist, modern decor of the restaurant 

We all had fun ordering their famous, delicious drinks.  Alexis got a Shirley Temple that had a fun cotton candy garnish.

I got a watermelon cooler that was topped with tons of whipped cream that was dotted with several pieces of chicklet gum, oh my goodness it was delightful!
Angie and Bethy got mango mojitos 

I also ordered a peach martini (once again these are all non alcoholic drinks, they are just fun and fancy!)  It was so so good, I love that it had peach-o gummy garnish!

Helen got a yummy, creamy pina colada 

Then came the main course!  Libby got some delicious meat popsicles, aka fried wontons with three different and very unique dipping sauces. 
About half of us orders hamburgers, what else would you order while eating at a fancy restaurant...? 
Cute Libby was a couple days past her due date but still wanted to come party with us!  She actually went into labor with baby Rex right as we were about to start our lazer tag battle, so we excused her from our festivities so she could rush to the hospital.

This is kind of random but the light in the bathrooms was perfect for taking pictures haha, it just highlighted all of our make up so well, so I went and took a bunch of pictures in there to document how fabulous my make up turned out.

The macaroons!!

Our next stop was Guru's just down the street, for some karaoke!  We had a good time dancin it up to all the different song people would sing, we got quite a few of the other people that were there to come up and dance with us.  Angie, was the only one from our group that was able to get a spot on the stage.  She serenaded us with California Girls by Katy Perry.    

After livening up the karaoke scene it was time for lazer tag at Lazer Assault!  We played against another group that showed up around the same time.  They were pretty serious about their game plan.  We, on the other hand, were all dressed in glow in the dark, neon stuff thus making us super easy targets, but we gave them all we got!  It was really funny and so much fun!  I love all these girls so much, they know how to have a good time!

Sister power 

After lazer tag we spontaneously stopped off at Sammy's to get some yummy cupcake shakes.  Needless to say we cause a lot of questions everywhere we went, it was pretty funny to see peoples reactions to our fun dress ups.  Laura was totally rockin her green wig and looking fabulous.  We sent her to the counter to ease drop on a couple that seemed to be having an interesting conversation.  Turns out they were just friends having a boring conversation, but it was a pretty hilarious moment to us.

This was such a fun and memorable evening.  I love this group of girls and how they aren't scared to put their whole heart into something to make it over the top fun and wonderful!  Happy Happy birthday Cassandra!  I hope you enjoyed your awesome party! I know I sure did.


  1. Your life is so cute and fun, I just want to wrap a bow around it!

  2. bah, I need these pictures from you ok! you can just be my friend that takes all the pictures since I don't :) so fun to relive this night! you all are definitely too much fun and I LOVE spending time with you and CAN'T wait to go to Vegas with you! The photobomb pictures are making me giggle out loud! Ha