Monday, September 17, 2012

Le Tetons

After our wonderful sleep in the car, we woke up and made breakfast in the nifty jetboil.  Seriously, that thing can boil water in no time, it's amazing!  Then we once again just threw everything in the back, no tent packing necessary and headed towards Grand Teton National Park.
So organized...

Our first stop was the gorgeous visitors center.

They had a great patio that had the most stunning views of the whole range.  It had metal arrows in the ground that pointed to all the peaks that had their names and a little info about them.  Such a cool detail!

I got a couple of passport stamps, because I love doing those so much!

Then we headed up the scenic drive a little more, it really is amazingly scenic!  We stopped at a few of the scenic pull outs to take even more pictures.  I just couldn't get enough of how gorgeous those mountains are!

Our next stop was at the north entrance of Jenny lake.  Here they have the most beautiful view of the lake and the mountains, we could go all the way down to the lake shore.  It was honestly break taking, and extremely  peaceful. I could have spent hours upon hours there

Eventually we pulled ourselves away from the shore to go up to the main entrance of Jenny lake to have a picnic lunch.  We decided to check out the canoe rentals for later, but then decided why not have our picnic lunch in a canoe, out in the middle of the lake!  Best. Decision. Ever!  It was such an awesome day for a picnic on the lake.

I bought this delicious Mountain Berry soda to enjoy during our picnic.  As you can see on the label it is brewed with pure Teton mountain spring water!  How awesome is that, I was drinking pure Teton spring water while canoeing in a lake of the same kind of water!  It was delicious and totally added to our Teton experience.

After our wonderful canoe ride we said goodbye to Jenny Lake and headed up to Jackson Lake to enjoy sometime on the beach!  We got up there right as the sun was about to set so everything was cast in that glorious golden light.  We enjoyed soaking our feet in the cool water for a while before taking a relaxing stroll around the peninsula that gave us great views of the lake at sunset.

I found a little beach buddy!

Tonight we actually checked into a camp site and slept outside in a tent!  It wouldn't have felt like a real camping trip if we didn't sleep outside at least once
We shared our campsite with this cute little buddy
Lisa prepared us the most delicious dinner of beef stroganoff and I supplied us with some squeeze its, bringing us back our childhoods 

Since we were finally officially camping, we could make a fire and make s'mores!  I wanted to try out a couple of different ways of making s'mores to spice things up a little bit. Notice the ridiculous amount of stuff I bought ...

I would like you to take note of the ratio of marshmallow to gram below .... Don't buy the s'more square honey maids, they are teeny tiny.

I burn my first mallow every single time because I am too excited to patiently roast it to golden perfection... maybe one day I will learn.

Once I finally had gotten the exploding marshmallow under control, my Reese's s'more was delicious and surprisingly rich haha
Lisa went the fruity route and combined a roasted marshmallow (which I roasted for her, look at that golden perfection) with a melted starburst.

I wanted to try a couple of different variations of stuffed marshmallows.  The first one I stuffed with a caramel filled chocolate.  That one fell into the fire while I was trying to take a picture of it :( and for some reason I didn't try it a second time ... haha but I did try one stuffed with a couple of starbursts.  It was pretty delicious, but the marshmallow roasted a lot faster then the starbursts melted ... but I did still like it.
After our s'more adventure we tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags in our tents after getting all bundled up and watched The Reality of Love again since it was the only movie we had haha luckily it was a pretty entertaining movie!

The next morning we woke up early to go sit on the beach of Jackson Lake and enjoy the rising sun on the mountains.  It was such a beautiful moment, the sun and mountains looked gorgeous and the sound of the lapping waves was the best sound in the world.

Then we packed up our little campsite and hit the open road to come home.  As you can tell, it was a perfect day for a road trip.

We took a picture by the welcome to Wyoming sign, then crossed the street and took a picture by the welcome to Utah sign! haha I have always wanted to take pictures by state signs haha so I'm glad Lisa was up for it!

What a memorable Labor Day weekend!  Everything feel into such perfect place and worked out amazingly for us for having absolutely nothing planned!  I can't wait for my next spontaneous adventure!


  1. Love your fish eye shots! Looks like so much fun. I want to go next time :)

  2. what a pretty place. Jackson Lake at sunrise is now on my bucket list.

  3. Your pictures captures the beauty, but also the serenity of the mountains in the West. We are so lucky to live here. You also caught the whimsy and fun of camping and serendipity travel!

  4. I bet I can throw this here football over dem mountains!

    --Uncle Rico