Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Victoria Part 2

After our fun adventure in the butterfly gardens we headed over to the main Butchart Gardens.  These are some of the most unbelievable and beautiful gardens that I have ever seen! There are tons of different themed gardens, all of which are just bursting with blooms.  Once again,  I could have stayed here for hours upon hours wandering through all the enchanting gardens, but we only got one hour so we raced to see as much as we could!

There was a man who was relaxing on one of the benches in the entry that had two pugs ... I couldn't resist, I love pugs, I had to go play with them.  The man was very nice and let me play with them for a while,  I just loved their wrinkly little faces!

I love a lot about this picture.  But I think my favorite thing is Will's face ....
This hanging, tropical garden was one of my favorite spots.  It had such unique flowers that were all sorts of vibrant colors

The sunken garden is their most famous garden and for good reason, it is completely magical.  I felt like Alice lost in an enchanting wonderland

Another one of my favorite places was the rose garden.  It was one of the fullest gardens that we saw and it was full of so much color!!  I couldn't get over how gorgeous it was!  I spent the majority of my time here, trying to capture it's beauty.

Next up was the Japanese gardens, they have a completely different kind of beauty.  They are mostly all green, with no flowers.  But it was extremely serene and so peaceful.  The little bridges hidden through out the gardens were so beautiful.  I wanted to sit and mediate in these gardens!

As you can tell, it was starting to get dark and it was time to make our way back up to the buses to get back to the ship before it sailed away.  We passes through a few more beautiful spaces on our way up and out.

I passed this display on the way out.  It is completely random, but I thought it was so awesome!! A whole dress made out of paper napkins!
We finally all got boarded on the bus and got back to the ship at the very last second.  Our family were the very last people on the ship, they were pulling up the walkway as we were still walking up it!  We passed by this awesome lit up building on our way back to the ship.

The next day we had to disembark the ship and fly back to our different homes.  I always hate the end of family vacations.  I took a few adorable pictures of all the kids on the bus ride to the airport, they had all bonded so well during the past week together ...


  1. wonderful post...your flower pictures are breath-taking!

  2. That was the most beautiful, magical place ever! I could have spent a lot longer there! The colors in your pictures are so vibrant and beautiful.