Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Victoria Part 1

Breakfast this morning was the last big meal we would have aboard the Disney Wonder.  It was a character breakfast so different characters would come visit you through out the meal.  The kids loved meeting all the characters.  Mickey visited us first
Andrew had all the characters sign the drawings he had done of them through out the cruise!  What an awesome keepsake!
How cute is Thomas in this picture!

After our meal, our cute servers made costumes for all of us out of dinning room objects!  Some of them were pretty hilarious!

We had quite a few peter pans

Jenny and her girls got cute Minnie bows

Karin is the only person in the world that could make her little milk maid costume look so adorable!
Tiger Lilly Bethy
Pirate Papa
And I got turned into the statue of Liberty!
All the adults in their costumes!  What fun!
Just a few {Lot} pictures of Thomas playing in one of the round windows on our way out of the restaurant

After breakfast Karin, Bethy and I attended the last animation class of the cruise.  Today we learned how to draw Pluto, and man, he was a lot harder then the others we had learned how to draw ... haha but it was still a way fun class with the sisters!  Lot of giggles

Then the whole fam gathered for the last time in the Walt Disney theater for their farewell show.  It was pretty awesome.  I couldn't resist the no picture rule any longer and snuck one little photo of the finale.  Look at those fireworks!!  Disney knows how to do special effects!

After the show we noticed we were in Victoria, Canada!  What a beautiful and charming place!  This was the only port that the entire family was together for the excursion!  It was really fun to have everyone together at least once!  We had a little bus ride through town to get to the gardens we were going to tour.  I got to spend some time with Thomas, he loved looking at all the things going past out our window.
I saw this sign out the window and couldn't resist taking a picture, fits our family to a T ....
Our first stop was at the butterfly gardens.  This place was so amazing!  Absolutely beautiful and so interesting!  They had A TON of butterflies everywhere as well as a bunch of other animals and birds.  I could have spent hours in there, but we only got 30 minutes ...

An emerging butterfly!

This was the "information guy" he decided to become best friends with Bethy and me, he loved to chat and loved his little pet parrot.  I am glad he decided to become our friend because he opened up the atrium for us which is where all the super cool frogs and lizards were so we got to get right up close to them!!



  1. Great pictures of the character breakfast...that was fun to remember! The butterfly garden was so exotic in that cool northern climate, and so beautiful to walk through...you caught great details of its flowers and butterflies!

  2. That was definitely a very memorable breakfast! I need to get copies of those darling pics of Thomas in the window. He sure loved hanging out with you and Beth!