Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bidding Farewell

I always get so sad when a trip comes to an end, especially such a fun and magical experience as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but alas the day did come for us to go home.  Luckily we had a later flight so we could at least spend one more half day in the city.  We decided to spend that entire half day eating different kinds of king cake.  We still have a few more we wanted to check off our list.  We went to Cochon or Butcher first, since they serve the Elvis and we really really wanted to try that version of the cake.

Butcher is such a fun place, it's definitely a place were all the locals go.  When we finally found it, the line was out the door and all the tables were jam packed full.  The food, oh my gosh, can't even begin to tell you how delicious everything was.  I would recommend going to this place is you ever find yourself in NOLA.  We got a couple different kind of sandwiches and split them between the three of us.  They were literally gone in seconds, they had such amazing combinations of flavors.

Then it was time for the cakes.  Butcher makes the Elvis king cake, which combines all the King of Rock and Roll's favorite foods all in one cake.  They begin with a regular king cake, then stuff it full of peanut butter, honey and bananas, then top it with frosting and bacon.  Crazy town.  It was good, but it tasted more like a peanut butter sandwich then a cake.  So, it was fun to try but it wasn't my favorite, but I applaud them for being so original.

They had a few different flavors of traditional cake available as well, so we decided to try this little lemon one.  Butcher, being the manly meat shop that it is, puts little plastic pigs in their cakes instead of plastic babies.  Adorbs!

Then we headed across town to Sucre, which is the cutest little bakery.  It's located close to the university, that part of town is so fun.  Its cute and quaint with lots of cute little shops and eateries and has tons of college students wandering around and meeting up with friends.  It really is charming. 

Their take on the King Cake looked exquisite, it was like eating a piece of art.  It is spray painted and covered in eatable glitter.  It was so hard to capture it's glittery beauty in a photograph.  It was so sparkly in person.  I have another photo that shows it a little better but for some reason Blogger wouldn't upload it.

I got a peach Italian soda that was AMAZING!  and Beth and reece got some herbal tea to try and help them warm up.  We had done a lot of walking in the rain today trying to find these places.
Then it was off to the airport, homeward bound.

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  1. Interesting new eateries! Love the beads in the tree branches...that gives me an idea for decorating when we have family Mardi Gras ...to decorate the fig tree in the family room just in tons of beads!