Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tucks - "Tucks Uncovers History"

After the Iris parade we were going to see if we could keep our same seats for the Endymion parade that was scheduled for that evening.  While we were waiting another parade came on through!  It was the parade for the Krewe of Tucks.  Known for its irreverence, the Krewe of Tucks began in 1969 as a group of Loyola University students. The club takes its name from Friar Tuck, an uptown pub where two college students decided to create their own Carnival krewe after unsuccessfully trying to become white flambeaux carriers. Since its founding, Krewe of Tucks has a reputation of a rag-tag group. While the group has grown, they made sure to never lose their sense of humor and maintains their “Animal House” reputation. They are recognized for its satirical floats, including the King's Throne, a giant toilet.  This parade was quite silly, it was basically one big party for everyone participating in the parade, most of them college students.

These are one of the best things I caught all trip long... Klassy toilet seat sunglasses!  Thanks Krewe of Tucks!

Tucks gave out a lot of these big plastic medallion type necklaces, this was one of my favorites

We had to pick up and move to a different location for the Endymion parade, but we still stayed on Canal Street... waiting for the Super Krewe parade.....!


  1. oh tucks. giggle for days. those lazy boys were the most genius way to participate in a parade.

  2. Loved your glasses; never knew it was named after Friar Tuck!

  3. I agree with Beth--the rolling lazy boys were the way to go if you are in a parade! I'm sure my boys would have thought the toilet was hilarious and liked the star wars "bobett" (that's what one of them called a storm trooper when they were little and now that's what we all call them:)