Monday, May 27, 2013

Visits to Vegas

I love me a fun little Vegas get away whenever there is an opportunity for one.  I have so much fun anytime I head on down to that infamous city!  This past March, Laura and Alexis were headed down to Vegas for the Time Mcgraw and Faith Hill concert and they invited me and Angie along for the ride.  We stayed at the beautiful Venetian hotel!  Our first day there we had brunch at Bouchon, which is located in the Plazza that is connected to the Venetian, so it was basically at our hotel.  Best. Food. I. Have. Ever. Eaten!!! Oh it was fabulous.  I took pictures of EVERYTHING, I just loved their elegant yet simple presentation.

We got some beignets for the table to share.  
Laura and I got their most famous dish, chicken and waffles!  Their take on the southern dish was very unique, first they use roasted chicken instead of fried and they make chives and bacon into their waffles for more of a savory dish.  It is served with gravy and syrup, so you still get that delicious salty, sweet combination.

That butter isn't just plain, old butter.  It's Tahitian vanilla butter and is filled with thousands of vanilla bean seeds
Angie got a Crouque Madame

And Alexis got banana waffles
After we had stuffed our selves silly with all that amazing food, we thought it would be a great idea to change into our swimsuits and go swimming ... haha it did feel nice to lay in the sun and give into the food coma that was beginning to take over all of us.

After the pool we picked up some yummy macaroons for lunch from the Bouchon Bakery. I LOVE macaroons!

I know this isn't the best picture but it is the only one I have of our room.  Our room was amazing!  We had this little sitting room that was just a couple of steps below where our beds were.
Then it was time to get ready for our night out on the town!  Angie and I had seen some stick on eyeliner at Sephora when we made our usual visit there after brunch, and were excited to try it out.  I really liked it!  I am HORRIBLE with eyeliner so to get such a dramatic look in one simple step,  I was sold!

We got dinner at Gordon Ramsey's Pub in Ceasars Palace, then we split ways for our evening plans.

Angie and I got tickets to see the Rock of Ages show that is conveniently located in the Veneitian

Then we hit up the after party in the Bourbon Room for some dancing
Meanwhile, Alexis and Laura were having the most life changing night at the concert.  They got to TOUCH Tim Mcgraw as he stood right in front of them and sang, "It felt good on my lips" right in front of them.  Alexis, clothes lined him as he came walking down the aisle.  They got these awesome pictures of the hottie, and they aren't zoomed in, they were really that close to him!!!

They have now FULLY converted me to Tim Mcgraw, I am going to his concert with them this June and honestly couldn't be more excited, I listen to his music ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I cant NOT wait to see him live!

Sadly, we had to go home the next day.  But we had time to get a nice breakfast before we left.  We finally made it to Hash House A Go Go.  I have wanted to try this place out for years!! I saw it featured on the Food Network and have been dying to go ever since, I was so happy we finally made it!

They are famous for their crazy big portion sizes!

Food masterpiece 

I got a snickers pancake that had actual pieces of snickers in it, sinful.
Then we drove back to St. George where we BARELY made our flight back home, I mean we cut it CLOSE!  Such a fun vacation!

THEN in May, we call came back for a trip to celebrate the end of finals, celebrated Alexis' birthday and to celebrate Bethy finding a job in a research lab! So many happy things we just NEEDED to do something fun, so of course .... VEGAS!  This time around we stayed at the lovely Green Valley Ranch.  It is about a ten minute drive from the strip and has more of a resort type feel.  It is right next to a beautiful little shopping area that has lots of fun restaurants and shops.  The first night we walked over to Sette Bello to get some Italian style pizza!

We always have fun with make up when we travel with Laura!
I got this pizza that had Italian CREAM on it, oh my heart best pizza of my life!
For dessert we all shared this amazing thing.  It was peanut butter gelato in a hard chocolate shell, drizzled with caramel and fudge sauces!!!!

The shopping center

The next day we were all anxious to get out to the pool the minute it opened.  I mean look at it, can you blame us?

For lunch we had nachos and Pina Coladas, the perfect pool side pic nic.

I loved that our drinks came in WHOLE pineapples.

After our totally relaxed pool day, we came back to the room and got ready for dinner.  Laura showed me how to put on individual fake eye lashes, I had accidentally bought some of the longer kind so they were CRAZY long, but still looked fabulous.

The next morning we introduced Bethy to the amazingness that is Bouchon.  I didn't take any pictures this time because I kind of did an overload on the last visit, so just refer to the pictures earlier in this post.  Then we headed to the Bellagio to make Alexis' dream of seeing the fountains a reality.  We made sure to take a peek inside the atrium to see it all done up for Spring!

We got more macaroons from the Bouchon bakery for snacks, they had a couple of different flavors this time, such as strawberry lemonade picture below.

This is my favorite part of the atrium.  I always love seeing what picture they have chosen to build out of flowers

Then it was time for the famous fountain show!  The Bellagio is my favorite hotel.  I love their water show, I love their lobby, I love their atrium, I love their restaurant and their rooms are nice too, it also has such a prime location!

Then we did some shopping and by the time we made it back the the hotel it was time to get ready for the evening, the days fly by way too fast when you are on vacation!  Laura had been telling me about this new red eye shadow that she recently had discovered that she loved and so she was nice enough to try it out on me! I loved it soooo much!  It looked great with the auburn hint in my hair.  Thanks Laura!

We had a great time that night, great dinner, great laughs and the great gastby!!!

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  1. Oh wow, all that food looks divine! You guys sure know how to do a Vegas trip!