Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christmas Season 2015

Merry Belated Christmas! I'm slowly catching up, maybe one of these days I will post events in the month they happened. All of the Burton boys were so excited to meet their newest cousin, Vienne. All six of them were instantly smitten with her, there was always a line of who got to hold V next. And she loved each of the boys just as much.

On Christmas eve we had a lovely dinner with a beautiful Backer's cake for dessert, we thought it would be fun to get one of these special cakes since the Burton's aren't ever in town when we get them for birthdays.

After dinner and dessert we played a few games then did a family service project. We tied fleece blankets to give to the hospital, it was a great project for our large family since there was something that every age could do, all the kids had a great time working together.

Then we sang a few carols and were off to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads

The next morning the kids were up early, excited for the day! We began with our delicious homemade sweet rolls for breakfast, one of my favorite family traditions. 

Then it was down to the "Christmas Room" to open presents! I love watching the kids get excited about their gifts, they are such a joy to celebrate holidays with!

Jenny made these adorable aprons for James and Thomas since they love helping Karin cook so much, they were thrilled!

Vienne's first Christmas!

The day after Christmas, we had our annual sisters pedicure and lunch day!

That night, we celebrated Boxing Day! Since we will be traveling to England next summer, we decided it would be fun to teach the kids about this English holiday. We celebrated by doing a white elephant gift exchange, it was so much fun! We shared many giggles and decided this must become a tradition.

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