Sunday, July 31, 2016

Family Ski Day

Another one of my favorite family holiday traditions is family ski and boarding day! I requested the day off from work, and got a few free day passes from one of my drs that has connections with Brighton. It was such an awesome day! We all bundled, preparing for a freezing day and battling cold winds and snow, but it turned out to be a fairly warm day so we slowly discarded our layers one by one, and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I spent most of the day with Andrew, Ben and Bethy going down runs on the big mountain, while Karin and Reece spent the day with Will teaching him how to ski on slightly easier runs.

We all met up for a couple of runs together, then grabbed lunch at the lodge. We sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed our burgers, one of the best meals after a day of snowboarding

With a group that big, with such varying degrees of skill, we all found ourselves waiting at the top of the lift or on the side of the mountain for one reason or another, I took advantage of these times to take lots of pictures with my super adorable nephews.

The sun even made a quick cameo a couple of times during our day, after several failed attempts at selfies without eye protection, we gave in ... 

What an awesome day, with awesome people, doing one of the things I love most, I definitely feel in my element while snowboarding, especially one warm, sunny days. I'm so glad my nephews share my love for being up on the mountain! Until next year!

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  1. Such a fun post! You know how to "make a memory" then keep it to cherish it over and over. That's what I call living life to the fullest!