Friday, July 1, 2016

Family Halloween Party 2015

I always look forward to our family Halloween party the Griffins host every year. It's always so fun to see what everyone has chosen to dress up as. Here is the Griffin family, Evie and Nora were vets, Sam was a cute little minion, Mike was Link and Jenny was Princess Zelda.

Dad was the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, and mom was an adorable, cuddly panda bear

This was Vienne's first Halloween! It's so fun and wonderful to be a part of all her "firsts." Bethy made her the most precious Tinkerbell costume.

Wendy with her baby Tinkerbell

You guessed it, Reece came as the mischievous Peter Pan

I came as Ozma of Oz, we grew up watching the surprisingly creepy Return to Oz movie as a child, and we were always enchanted with the child princess Ozma. I originially planned on coming as that version of Ozma, but her outfit in the movie was proving to be harder to recreate than anticipated. However, my mom owns the entire Oz book series and there is a book entitlted Ozma of Oz where she is wearing this outfit on the cover, so it came together rather nicely, I borrowed a beautiful green dress from Bethy, cut out a few Oz logos from some gold scrapbook paper (they turned out too big for my forehead, so I turned it into more of a pendant type piece) I already had the headdress (I saw it at Walmart a while ago and snatched it right up since I knew I would find a reason to use it) and I bough a couple of poppies from the craft store. So simple! I loved the way it turned out.

My inspiration 

Dorie was the cutest, little bat dog

Jenny comes up with such fun Halloween themed food every single year, she creates new masterpieces every year, she never repeats any recipes! 

How adorable are these mashed potato ghosts??

Nora made special name tags for everyone

Marolyn came as a witch. Mom had a cute Halloween back up outfit since her panda onsie was super warm

After dinner and games, jenny had a cute craft for us all to make! We could either make an autumn or mummy candle holder.

Sam acted like he hated my kisses but he held pretty still and didn't even try to run away when I started kissing him all over, so ... I'm pretty sure he secretly loved it.

Thanks so much for such a fun party Griffin family!!! You are always so fun to party with!

We had a mini second family halloween party/ movie night at the Madision's house a couple of days later. Bethy really wanted to share her Haunted Mansion themed decorations with the Griffin kids since they are just as big of Disney fans as their parents and aunts.

They loved the drink bar and creating their own unique concoctions

Bethy served up yummy warm drinks with a side of soft and chewy caramel popcorn as we all settled down to watch the movie, Hotel Transylvania II

Vienne was dressed as a mummy, and it made her sooooo squishy and cuddly and soft. I couldn't help squeezing her in nice and tight whenever I got the chance to hold her.

The perfect end to such a fun Halloween season!

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