Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sunday Brunch at the Grand

I was unable to make it to the Johns family tradition of going to brunch at the Grand America the week after Christmas since I had to work. I was so sad to miss it, it's one of my favorite Christmas and family traditions so Beth and Reece invited me to go to Sunday brunch at the grand so I didn't have to completely miss out on this tradition. 

Sunday brunch it a much bigger affair than their regular brunch, there are tables upon tables of all sorts of delicious delights and they have live jazz music, it is so much fun! There was quite a wait when we arrived and put our name in, so we decided to grab a quick appetizer at the bakery and go see the windows before our main meal, they were so adorable this year!

These itty bitty penguins and forest animals were too adorable not to document, just look at their tiny, little cookies and hot chocolate!

Then we got the text that our table was ready! Before we got seated, we were given a tour of all the different tables and what was available for brunch, there was so much beautifully displayed food, such as the chocolate sculpture pictured below.

The trees in the lobby were decorated with chandelier crystals, they were so beautiful, I now want to add a few crystals to my christmas tree.

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  1. wow! The food displays were impressive! But my favorite were the tiny little cookies and hot chocolate!