Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Bliss In Sleepy Hallow

This past weekend my parents invited me along on a wonderful trip to New York City! One of the days we took a day trip out to Sleepy Hallow to see Kykuit, which is about 70 miles outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city. When we arrived were luckily an hour ahead of schedule so we had time to walk over and take a look at the Philipsburg Manor House and mill. It was such an amazing little step back in time. All the people were dressed in period clothing and talked to us about life on a mill and farm. The whole farm was done up for their Haunted Horseman nights that they do for Halloween which was fun to see, I love Halloween and fall decorations, they get me so excited!

This farm hand taught us all about wheat and flax fibers which was very interesting. When the flax fibers are all stripped an cleaned and ready to be made into fabric it is the color of blond hair and that is where the term "flaxen colored" hair comes from. But we also learned that during one of the steps of preparing the flax, the tow is brushed out which is a very very light yellow whitish color, and that is where the term "towhead" comes from. fascinating.

This poor little sheep got lost from the rest of the bunch and ran circles around us calling out for his buddies, I thought it was a little bit funny that none of them answered him, but he eventually found them.


  1. Errrr! Im so jealous, what a perfect place to visit this time of year. What great fall and halloween pics! Print those out and use them as seasonal decor, they are beautiful.

  2. I love fall time and you captured it beautifully in your photos. They are gorgeous! What a charming place!