Sunday, October 3, 2010

BYU Graduation Pictures

I wanted to send a picture along with my BYU graduation announcements so Bethy was sweet enough to take some for me. I wanted to take them at the Springville Museum of Art where I have been an Education Curator Intern for six months and a receptionist volunteer six months before becoming an intern. I loved my experience there, it is a gorgeous place to work. Everyday as I would walk through its doors I would think how lucky I was to have the opportunity to work in such a beautiful place.

This was one of my favorite galleries, it is the artist portrait gallery. It is the only gallery in the museum that is hung in the old french salon style, where the pictures are hung from floor to ceiling and with frames touching.

This is my favorite picture in this gallery and one of the best in the entire musuem, I thought the dinosaurs were a nice touch.

This is one of my favorites in the museum's large soviet impressionist collection. It is called "Graduated, We Are Going to A New Life." All the girls hold their diplomas as they walk towards their new life, its a wonderful painting, and very appropriate for this time in my life

This painting was put up right before I completed my internship, I loved it. Its called Miru Mir (Peace to the World) May Day, Red Square."

The spiral staircase was my favorite part of the museum and I made sure to walk up it at least once every time I was at the museum.

The main project I developed while I was there was creating these art detective kits. There was a kit for each gallery in the museum, they were filled with little objects that matched objects in the paintings in the corresponding gallery. Children or anyone could check them out at the front desk and go on a detective mission through the particular gallery they have checked out. For example for the May Day picture above I placed a red flag in the detective kit for that gallery, so that they could match it to the red flags in the painting. The Graduation picture was in the same gallery so also in that detective kit I placed a rolled up piece of green paper that matched their diplomas. It was such a fun project to develop and work on, and it was so rewarding to hear the comments of the patrons that checked out the boxes. They were a huge success! While I was there I also co-curated a show with my supervisor Jessica Weiss, about color for the childrens gallery. We chose different color concepts that we wanted to teach and then searched the vault for paintings in our collection that demonstrated those concepts. We taught about different color schemes such as complimentary, analogous, monochromatic as well as hot and cold color schemes and why artists would use these certain color schemes to create certain feelings in their paintings. We also discussed many of the art periods and how color played an important role in them. Some of the periods we talked about were realism, surrealism, abstract works, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, etc. We also had a couple of works that demonstrated how colors can be symbols for ideas such as a white lily represents purity and purple, usually purple robes or other articles of clothing represents royalty. Writing the labels explaining these concepts were my favorite part of the curating process, I would get excited about teaching and sharing these concepts and how they are so important to understanding and appreciating the beautiful and edifying works of art that we are blessed to have all over the world.


  1. LOVE YOU!!! I didn't have your blog bookmarked for some reason, but now I do, so I can stalk you in one more place on the internet! LOVE YOU! Your pictures are amazing and I am so happy that you are done! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. By "French Salon" style, I think you mean Craig Johns.

  3. Hey, love the pics! And congrats on that whole graduating thing!

  4. hehe to Noelles comment. So true, so true.