Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rodeo Season

:: Strawberry Days::

One of my favorite parts of summer is rodeo season, I just love going to rodeos! Strawberry days is usually one of the first ones of the seasons and is always the best because of the delicious strawberries and cream! Lisa and I went with our friends Adam and Nate that we knew in high school, it was really fun to get together with them again!

It was still pretty cold outside but we forgot to bring blankets, luckily Lisa had some sleeping bags in her car that we could use to keep warm. They sure came in handy when it started to rain ...

Wild cow milking is one of my favorite rodeo events, and its a rare one, not all rodeos have it but it is pure chaos. Cows, cowboys, hats, shoes etc just fly all over the place! There are teams of about 4 cowboys assigned to one cow and the objective is to try and get the most milk in your jar in the allotted time, it is hilarious. Cowboys get dragged all over the place, most of the time they are lucky if they can get one drop of milk in their jar.

So usually they have a little time out event right before the big bull event and usually its dirt bike people that come and do cool tricks of ramps, but this year they had the one arm bandit which is a lady with a whip that chases around buffaloes until they get on top of the truck, to be honest I wasn't that impressed and missed the dirt bike show but it was still kinda cool to see the huge buffaloes so close.

Most of the time they wanted to roll around in the dirt or hang out with the crowd, not run around the arena haha

But finally they did it

Here they are! The famous strawberries and cream! We got some for free! yum yum yum

We sat below these guys and the whole time I was paranoid about dropping something because, as you can see, it would probably be lost forever.

:: Days of '47 ::

The only other rodeo that I was able to make it to this year was the days of '47 rodeo which is held on the 24th of July in Spanish Fork. This rodeo is a lot bigger then strawberry days and was a fun way to celebrate our wonderful Utahan holiday. Becky and I went with our friends Mike Lambert and Patch Crosby who we met in Moab. It was fun going with Mike because he is a big cowboy and could explain what was actually going on in all the events and how the scoring worked and all that jazz, it was great!

This little boy was the biggest flirt!

I just like cowboys and this was a good picture to demonstrate why

Second only to wild cow milking as my favorite rodeo event is mutton bustin, it is just as hilarious. Little kids are sent out on sheep and whoever can hold on the longest wins, most of them only last a few seconds, but I got to hand it to them I would have been faaaaar to scared to do anything like that when I was a little kid.

This little girl was the champion she never fell off! They had a hard time catching the sheep to get her off, I think it was her unique technique that helped her win

Totally flirting, but in a very polite way

Our rodeo clown turned out to be a total dirt bike pro, didn't see that comin

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