Saturday, October 2, 2010

Easter Conference

Easter fell on general conference weekend this year! How perfect is that? I can't think of a better way to celebrate such a wonderful and beautiful holiday. In between sessions on Saturday we took the little girls to wheeler farm to meet the Easter bunny and to play with the animals. The little girls loved it! And so did everyone else, I was the one that suggested it mainly because I wanted to go myself ...
Once again, these are all Bethy's pictures, my camera was out of commission during this time.

Yes its true, the Easter bunny was a little creepy looking. Nora didn't seem to notice though ..

There was a family that was selling some baby bunnies so we had to stop and hold them! They were so precious, I really really REALLY wanted to take one home! But we played with them for about an hour then had to give them back, they were so sweet and such a surprise Easter treat!

Mom claimed that she had never had funnel cake before so we had to get her one so she can join in with the rest of America and know what funnel cake tastes like.

While the men were awesome and went to the priesthood session of conference, us girls made rice krispy treat nests to house jelly bean eggs, they turned out so cute! The little girls loved them, they thought they were so special!

Between the Sunday sessions we had the big Easter egg hunt and shared in the joy of the little girls opening their Easter baskets! I love sharing happy moments with little kids their joy is so pure and true.

This is how Nora smiles when you ask her to smile for a picture haha

After the last conference session we had a delicious ham dinner. Bethy decorated the Easter table and did a fabulous job, she used pots of rosemary for remembrance, Easter lilies since they are symbols of purity and resurrection, they have lilies planted at the garden of Gethsemane and the garden tomb. She also used white and pink roses and heather, it was a gorgeous center piece, so symbolic and beautiful.

After dinner it was time to dye Easter eggs! Nora, Bethy and I had a wonderful time experimenting on new ways of dying eggs. The first thing we tried was to take parsley and other small pretty leaves, place them on the egg and then stick the egg in pantie hose and let them soak in the dye. We also used stickers, rubber bands and white crayons to make fun designs.

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