Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SBL #2 - Go On a Nature Walk

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I love going on nature walks, they are so much more relaxing then hikes and you get to enjoy the nature so much more!  I have gone on a few little nature walks this summer and hope to enjoy even more before the summer comes to an end.
First featured nature walk was a little walk through an Alaskan rain forest in Ketchican.  Bethy and I went on an adventure cart excursion which ended with a short nature walk up to a beautiful waterfall.  It was raining which made everything look so lush and green, it was gorgeous!
And this is what I looked like while doing said nature walk... covered with rain/ mud gear from head to foot. 
Nature walk number two, enjoying the manicured nature of the Buschart Gardens in Victoria Canada.  This place is absolutely unbelievable, it looks like a fairytale land.  I could have spent DAYS wondering through this magical place, enjoying all the millions of flowers.

Nature walk number three, American Fork canyon with Lisa.  I have already blogged about this excursion thus it is at the bottom, but I still wanted to count it.  Now that I live so close to the AF canyon I definitely want to go do more exploring, I am sure there are all sorts of beautiful nature walks waiting to happen up there.

And nature walk number four, good ol' Provo canyon.  Once again, this nature walk has already been spot lighted on my 365 blog, thus it is at the bottom.  But it was still during the summer, so it counts.

Obviously I am always up for a nature walk, so if any of you feel like appreciating nature, I will go with you.

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  1. You do such a good job at capturing the beauty around you. There is something invigorating about walking through the serene beauty of the outdoors. Unfortunately its too hot here to get much joy from nature walks. I enjoy it from my air conditioned car!