Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Alexis!

This past May me and my besties headed down to Vegas for a treat yoself weekend to celebrate Alexis' birthday!!!!!!  You better believe it was one of the best weekends of my life.  The trip began with a giant maple bacon donut the minute I got into the car.  The sweet treats and savory eats flowed non stop from that moment on.

We had a beautiful views the entire drive
We stopped off in St. George to pick up the birthday girl and to make a drink stop at Swig to get some coconut dr. peppers and some home baked goods.  Oh my goodness that place is heavenly.  If I lived in St. G, I would totally be there numerous times a day!

Then we returned to the road and made it all the way to vegas!  That night, we went to Whole Foods and stalked up on delicious treats to have in our hotel suit.  

The next morning we all woke up early and decorated our suit for Alexis' birthday since it was the actual day of her birth.  It looked pretty festive by the time we were done!

Angie even brought her own disco ball!

We brought our favorite kinds of french macaroons from different places to have a macaroon taste   test for breakfast.

Bringing in the birthday girl!

After our sweet breakfast we got all dolled up and headed to the strip.  The weather was gorgeous!  Sun shining, blue skies and mild temperatures!

We made friends with these guys in the car next to us, I missed the best photo opt that they gave us, but ask Angie about it sometime ..... 

Our first stop was at The Sugar Factory in the Parisian hotel.  It's such a fun place to look around 

By now it was time for dinner.  We headed to the Le Cafe also located in the Parisian for a french meal.

We had appetizers of some of the unique candies we had bought at the Sugar Facotry
These little guys were some of my favorites, little gummy panda bears.
Bethy showing off some silly gummy teeth she had got
We all ended up ordering croque madames!  So tasty!
Then we went back to our hotel room to party!  We sang happy birthday and had birthday cupcakes and more macaroons.

Then we had a dance party ... 

Then we painted our nails ....
Then we played Crappy Birthday! 
It's basically like Apples to Apples if any of you have played that game.  Every one is dealt seven cards and the person who is "it" is having a birthday.  Everyone decides what present they think the birthday person would HATE the MOST and give them that present, then the birthday person picks which present they think is the worst and whoever gave that card wins that round!  It is HILARIOUS!

Here are some of the examples of the cards .... Pretty funny stuff.

Then Angie surprised us with a big box of the BEST salted caramels in the entire world!  What a happy surprise!

The next day was dedicated to laying in the sun, by the pool, ALL DAY LONG!  The pool at our hotel was gorgeous!

There was even a sandy beach leading into the pool on one side.

There was a huge lazy river with lots of huge colorful tubes for everyone to use!  We spent quite a bit of time relaxing in there, floating around and around!

The sandy beach was calling our names all day long.  We just had to go play in the sand.  We decided it would be fun to relive childhood and build a sand castle!  It was pretty fun!

We decided to try our hand at making our own coconut dr. peppers to sip by the pool.  They turned out sooooo yummy and soooooo refreshing!

After we had all gotten enough sun rays we got washed up and headed to Caesar's Palace for dinner.  We decided to dine at Max Brenner, I had never eaten there before and was excited to try it out!

We had a little bit of a wait so we had a good time looking through the amazing H & M store right across the way.  It is always decorated in such fun ways!

We also looked at the amazing fish tank in the middle of the mall.

Then it was finally time to dine!  Look how fun the restaurant is inside

We got chocolate dusted onion rings with a chocolate ranch dipping sauce to start.
Then we all got big juicy burgers with chocolate BBQ sauce and chocolate dusted fries for the main event.
For dessert Alexis and I shared this awesome looking s'more sunday!
Bethy got this s'more concoction, I thought the presentation was so fun and clever.

We had one more kind of macaroon to try to make our taste test complete, Payard located in Caesar's Palace. So we headed there after dinner to pick some up to take home to try.

They had so many other delicious sweets that I really wanted to try, and it I wasn't so stuffed I'm sure I would have gotten a couple to try.

This is a random picture of a restaurant that we passes while wandering through Caesar's Palace, I thought it was sooo awesome looking.  We were all pretty beat by the end of today so we headed home to crash.
The next day was the day we had to leave.  We got up early to drop Angie off at the airport.  Since the rest of us were driving we could leave whenever we wanted.  We decided we weren't ready to say goodbye just yet so we headed over to the Bellagio to see what their gardens look like this time of year.  As usual, they were pretty magical.

This is one of my favorite parts of the Bellagio gardens.  They take a famous painting and recreate it in flowers, this time they recreated a Monet.

This is the painting they recreated, looks pretty close eh?

We happened upon this new chocolate store in the Bellagio that had so many amazing treats.  Apparently one of their specialities is crepes, they looked so good, that is somewhere to go next time I visit Vegas.

This lady and her dress are made completely out of chocolate!!

Then we said goodbye to the main vegas strip .... until next time sin city!

On our way out of town we stopped off at the Retro Bakery, Darlene says they have the best cupcakes so we decided to get a dozen and try them all!

We found a park with a covered pavilion to sit and enjoy our cuppy cakes.  We passed each cupcake around the circle and we each took one bite.  They were all SO amazing, they had such fun and unique flavors such as maple bacon, lemon head, coffe and donuts, drumstick (like the ice cream) lemon blueberry, butterscotch (which is dunked in melted butterscotch chips), peanut butter etc.  By the time the 12th cupcake came around, my tummy was having a major sugar ache.

Happy Memorial Day to us!

It was quite a sweet ending to a very sweet trip!  I love all my girl friends so much and am so grateful for all the fun memories we have made.  I love my girl Alexis to pieces and I am so so happy that I could help her celebrate her big day the right way, treating ourselves in Vegas!


  1. you are so sweet! i love you and can't wait to do more fun things! i can't believe you're blogging on vacation! have fun and can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh my goodness Kate! This is ridiculous. I swear you go to the coolest places to eat. I have like 10 things on my Vegas to do list now. Thanks a lot! ;)

  3. What an awesome party/trip! I have to tell John about the bacon donut--two of his favorites combined into one! I love that you packed all those cute decorations to make your room festive. Looking at all of those decadent, amazing desserts is making me hungry!