Thursday, July 26, 2012

Arizona Heat

At the very end of June the whole family flew down to Arizona to spend a few days with Karin and Ricky and family to celebrate Ricky's awesome accomplishment of completing his psychiatry residency and getting a great job!  How exciting for him!  We are all so proud of him for all the hard work he has put into that goal.
On the flight down there Bethy and I made friends with the cutest little boy who was sitting across the aisle from us.  He was obsessed with planes and wanted to be a pilot when he grows up.  Bethy made a paper airplanes with all sorts of cute little drawings on it and threw it at him when he wasn't looking.  He really loved that surprise!
When we finally arrived the the Burton's house we were all so excited to be reunited with sisters, cousins, nephews etc!  Beth and I instantly became obsessed with Thomas, he is the most adorable little baby!
That night we all went to a special dinner to celebrate Ricky.  He chose to dine at the Top of the Rock restaurant.  What a gorgeous restaurant!  We had spectacular views of the sunset all evening long!

I had chilled sweet corn bisque for an appetizer, it was amazing of course.

For my main course I decided to go Tapas style and order a couple of appetizers.  I got meat balls in the most delicious pomegranate coleslaw.  As well as sweet chipotle glazed buffalo wings. {Am I a child, sure looks like it}

For dessert Bethy and I shard a warm blondie with cinnamon ice cream, I love sweet way to much!

After dinner we all gathered outside to enjoy the balmy 108 degree weather ...

The next day we all went to the Children's Museum in downtown Phoenix.  This place is amazing!  They have created so many magical things out of everyday objects that we all have around the house.  One of my favorites, is the wall full of CD garlands.

This was another one of my favorites, a glowing light table with sand on top.  Simple?  Yes.  Totally awesome and mesmerizing?  Double yes.

All of their artwork that is hanging on their walls is fascinating, such as this piece made entirely out of number two pencils.
The museum is made up of several different rooms, all with a different theme.  The kids really enjoyed the craft room where they could paint the giant rocket ship or draw and color.
Notice how small the smock is .... haha

I thought this was so amazing, they created gold molding out of egg cartons!  When you looked at the wall as a whole, it looked like thick, elaborate gilded molding.  I want to do this for something sometime haha
Will loved this room and spent the most time here at of all the kids.  He is such a creative little soul.

Will drew this picture of a monkey and I fell in love with it!  I think it is the most adorable thing in the world.  Not to mention totally artistic, I love how minimalist and abstract it is.  I would totally hang this somewhere in my house.
This kids always love playing the the pool noodle forest.  I don't blame them, it is pretty awesome.  Even though you can't really tell in this picture, Sam loved exploring around in there.  We all had to keep a careful eye on him since it is easy to loose little runaways in there.

Evie loved the little ice cream stand and served us all colorful ice cream cones.

His cheese face makes me melt every time.  I don't know how Karin ever says no to that sweet little face!

These are the bins where you can put your shoes, very clever.
We stopped to have lunch and all adore Thomas.  Told you I am obsessed!

Another room was dedicated to building forts.  The boys had a great time in here, they love to figure out ways to build the awesome things.

All tuckered out from a day of playing and exploring!

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  1. You guys are good sports to visit Arizona in the summer! I'm glad you all didn't melt away:) That children's museum is so imaginative. It amazes me every time I go and there is always something new to explore. The noodle forest has been voted the best by my boys.