Friday, July 27, 2012

Arizona Heat - Part 2

After the Children's Museum we went to dinner at Organ Stop Pizza.  This place is so awesome! Everyone sits at long tables and listens to the most amazing, fantastic, out of this world organ.  This guy just plays random requests all night long, and his organ does more then just play a few notes and chords.  He can control the lights, drums, symbols, a disco ball, puppets, chimes, and accordion and tons of other things right from the controls on his organ!  It really is so fun!

These are the random puppets that he would incorporate into some of the songs, they would dance to the beat haha.  My family all submitted tons of requests.  He played a couple of them, mom requested a Disney song medley and he played that and Jenny requested It's a Small World and he played that right as we were leaving.  Karin requested Chariots of Fire, which would have been so great on so many levels, but he never played it, maybe next time.

Thomas loved dancing to all the fun music!
This picture makes me giggle every time I see it.  Will didn't like having his picture taken for some reason.  So he would try to avoid them at all costs .....

The organist could also make bubbles fall from the ceiling from his magical organ!
Thomas loved the bubbles
The kids were excited to get outside and run around and play, I love how the cousins love to play with each other!

The next day was a nice relaxing day where we could all sleep in and then do whatever we wanted.  In the late afternoon we all went to see the new Disney movie, Brave.  Beth and I were on Thomas control since we had already seen the movie.  He was such a good little boy, Bethy got him some apple juice and popcorn and he sat on her lap the entire time!  So cute and cuddly.  And yes, we had to sit on the very front row of the theater, notice how everyone heads are tilted way up .... haha
After the movie we all walked over to Brio for dinner.  This place always reminds me of Karin and Arizona since we always go out to eat here when we visit her!  I got a steak salad with a creamy horseradish dressing, drizzled with a balsamic glaze. It was so amazingly good, I shoveled it in at an embarrassingly fast rate
At Brio
Nora drew the most adorable portrait of all the bears from the movie while waiting for her meal.  I just love her drawings

On our walk back to the cars, we discovered there was a Disney Store in the mall!  We had to go in and see what merchandise they had for Brave!  I thought this big, soft Mama bear was so cute!  If she wasn't like $50 I probably would have gotten her.  I loved how she has her paws crossed all proper like.
Grammy got the girls Merida dolls and a baby bear stuffed animal for Sammy, they were thrilled! 
This mall (I don't know the name of it) is so fun to stroll around at night time.  They have all sorts of lights up everywhere.
When we got home the boys were begging to go swimming but only if an adult came with them, since they said that would be more fun.  So I jumped on in with them.  They are so funny to go swimming with, they know all the cool pool games, and the best way to play so as not to get caught haha

Look at that cute little frog sitting next to me.

The next day was Sunday.  So we all got up to get to 8 am church, church should never be that early .... Then we came home and relaxed and played games and enjoyed each other's company.
Andrew showed off some of his amazing bass skills.  That boy is talented!
Karin and dad cooked us all an amazing Sunday dinner, which we all enjoyed!
Then it was time for everyone to get packed and get to bed early, since we had to leave for the airport at 5 in the morning the following day in order to get to Seattle on time to board our Disney cruise ship!

Ben likes to put Thomas to bed, I thought it was so adorable!

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  1. I'm so glad we fit in Organ Stop Pizza. It is such a fun unique place. I love it. Those organists are truly AMAZING! You captured Thomas' sheer joy and amazement at the music, color, and special effects. Thanks for swimming with the boys. They can get a little crazy in the water:)