Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SBL #4, #13, #31, #52

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SBL #4 - Go On a Road Trip
I know these pictures have been on the home page of the blog for ages, but I am posting them again here.  So enjoy them all over again.  Road tripped it to Vegas, SBL #4 CHECK!

SBL #13 - Eat Snow Cones
I better eat more then one of these this summer, but I wanted to post a picture and officially check it off the list.  SBL #13 CHECK!
SBL #31 - Go to a Baseball Game
Nothing says summer like going to a Bees baseball game.  I love all the sounds, smells and sights that make up a night at the ball park.  I especially love the walk to the stadium, that is what the rose picture is. SBL #31 CHECK!

SBL #52- Build a Sand Castle
I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to accomplish this one when I added it to the list, but it is just such a fun summer activity that I had to try and get it done.  And viola!  I succeeded! Thank you Tahiti Village for having such an awesome pool that included a sandy beach to help make all my summer dreams come true.  SBL #52 CHECK!

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