Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun on the Ship

 After the whole family had returned from our various excursions, we went up to the buffet to have lunch.  Look at all my healthy choices .... When you are on a cruise, you have to take full advantage of all the food they have for you at every turn, especially the dessert buffet!
Then we all headed to the Walt Disney Theater to watch Evie and Nora in a show they had been practicing for at their oceaner club.  They looked so excited to be up there!  Who wouldn't be excited to share a stage with Mickey and Minnie?

You can see Evie and Nora in this one.

Their little presentation was so cute!

Their adoring crowd of fans
After the Griffin girls' presentation we stayed in the theater for that night's show.  That night we saw Disney Dreams, the most spectacular show I have ever seen!  It was awarded the best cruise ship show out of all the cruise lines!!
Snow fell from the sky during the Beauty and the Beast segment
I know this is blurry but it gives you the idea of how detailed all the different segments were.  This is their performance of Under the Sea, bubbles filled the air during this number.

I loved the Aladdin segment!
I was blown away by the quality of the performance, it was completely magical in every way!  After the show, we all headed to our rooms to get ready for semi formal night for dinner.  Here is what I came up with for a semi formal look ...

 Nora had worked very hard on these cute cards for our servers and were excited to give them to them, since this was the last dinner we would have with them.

During dinner the servers put on a parade and held flags from all the different countries that they were from. I think there were like over 100 countries represented

Best dessert we had all week!
After dinner we all gathered in the Burton's room for a family game night.  We played Crappy Birthday, the kids' new favorite game.  It was giggles for days!

Jenny's face and Ben playing with a laser 

Love everything going on in this picture

I got to rock sweet Sammy to sleep in my arms, I adore sleepy, cuddly babies!

 A frog with chocolate eyes for us
 and a puppy for mom and dad

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