Wednesday, December 16, 2015

London by Night

After dinner, Dad and I set out to get some night shots of the town.  London by night is not only stunning, it is bustling, lively and full of fun.  People of all ages were out to enjoy a show, or see the city lights from the London eye, or to hit up a club or a restaurant with some friends.  It was a fun scene to be out and about in 

Street performers, displaying a variety of talents, drew large crowds of curious pedestrians.

We stopped by Trafalgar square to see what kind of light display they had set up at night.  It was somewhat disappointing to realize they don't like up any of the square's monuments at night.  But it was fun to see the dinosaur statue lit up.  This pedestal is known as the Fourth Pilnth, every year art critics, art commissioners as well as members of the public, get to vote on which temporary work of art gets displayed on the plinth for the upcoming year.  Last year the plinth was the home of a giant blue chicken, two years before that, it displayed a larger than life ship in a bottle.  I get to come back to London next year, I'm excited to see what the city chooses to have displayed for 2016!

Then it was home to the Savoy to pack our bags and prepare ourselves to return to normal life.  Words could never describe how grateful I am to have been able to go on this trip, and have all the many wonderful and cherished experiences I will hold dear for the rest of my life.  I love traveling the world, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, tasting all different kind of food, and creating unforgettable memories. I am beyond grateful that I have had many opportunities to do so, I will never take them for granted.  Until next time Europe!  


  1. These pictures are all so beautiful!

  2. Love your post! The pictures of Big Ben and Parliament reflected in the river are poster worthy! Also loved the red London Eye. I'm so glad you have the energy to do all this, and let me enjoy the pictures.