Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The British Museum and Tea at the Savoy

Our last day in London was a rainy one.  Luckily, we had planned to spend the entire day in the British Museum!  Everyone else in London had the same idea, it was pretty packed inside.  This museum is the home of so many wonders from around the world, we could have spent multiple days strolling through the different galleries.  Each of us picked one or two things we wanted to see and we made our way to those top picks, and just that took us all day.

The Rosetta Stone

"Large stone sculptures and reliefs were a striking feature of the palaces and temples of ancient Assyria (modern northern Iraq). An entrance to the royal palace of King Ashurnasirpal II (883-859 BC) at Nimrud was flanked by two colossal winged human-headed lions. A gigantic standing lion stood at the entrance to the nearby Temple of Ishtar, the goddess of war."

I love Egyptian art, architecture, history, theology pretty much anything having to do with ancient Egypt, I find it such a fascinating civilization.  My favorite hieroglyph in the below inscription is the adorable little slug.

After our time in ancient Egypt, we were transported back to ancient Greece and spent some time with the famous Elgin Marbles.  They are stunning, their detail and delicacy is amazing to see in person.

By then, our minds and bodies needed a little break so we decided to grab some lunch at one of the museum cafes.  There was a special exhibit at the museum of Australian artifacts, so they had a special Australian menu, it was super fun!  I had a delicious salad, then got a traditional Australian pavlova for dessert.  I loved their beautiful dishes, I have a very similar set but in black. 

Our last stop of the day, located at the very top of the museum, was dad's number one pick, the clock exhibit.  My dad has made several clocks that he still has decorating his home, one of which is a skeleton clock located in my old room at their house.  I feel asleep to it's quiet tick tock-ing every night while growing up.  I'm glad dad put this exhibit on our "must see" list, because it was fascinating!  I loved the very detailed and extensive pocket watch display, they were beautiful!

Dinner that night was unforgettable.  We had Afternoon Tea at the Savoy, and that is of what dreams are made.  It was fancy and proper and beautiful and delicious and everything you want afternoon tea to be!  Dad and I got the black current and hibiscus infused fruit tea, and I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say, it is the best tea, I have ever tasted, in all my life.

Our first course was a selection of tea sandwiches as well as biscuits with jam and clotted cream.

Our next course was a selection of the most beautiful little pastries and desserts that you have ever seen.

And as if that wasn't enough, the last course was cake.  But I just had more raspberry macaroons since they didn't have any gluten free cake.  I still can't believe this dinner really happened, it was perfect in every way!


  1. Ahh, that is fun to remember on a snowy winter evening! It was everything you ever dreamed "High Tea" would be...what a civilized idea a four o'clock tea time break is, just when you need a little rest and a pick me up!

  2. Can't wait for the British Museum! That afternoon tea looked amazing!