Monday, December 14, 2015

Windsor Castle

The views of the English countryside are just as beautiful as you would expect them to be.  They are endless, green and scattered with sheep and cattle.  It was like being on the set of a movie, 24/7.

Our first stop on our four day tour of London town, started at the Queen's personal residence.  Unfortunately, she wasn't home.

We happened to be walking in right as the guards were changing!  Perfect timing!

They have filled in the moat area with beautiful gardens, that might have been my favorite part of our visit.

I snapped a few quick pictures of Queen Mary's dollhouse, which was built in the 1920s.  It was beyond stunning, with amazing attention to detail!

Photos weren't allowed in the rest of the castle, so you'll just have to go take a tour yourself to take in all of it's splendor!

That night was theater night!  We got to get all dressed up and go out on the town for a dinner and a show!

We dinned at this adorable and delicious french restaurant, Boulestin.  we got there pretty early to make sure we made it to our show on time, so we had the whole place to ourselves.  I got a creamy risotto that was amazing!

After dinner we took a cab to our theater, The Criterion.  It's located in what looks and feels like a miniature, European Times Square.  There were street performers, large screens full of colorful and lively ads, and lots of people out to enjoy the night life.  It was a fun vibe to be a part of.

We saw The 39 Steps, and it was phenomenal.  I was laughing the entire time, with laugh tears streaming down my face at some parts, it was hysterical.  It's a very high energy, comedy based on a Sherlock Holmes type mystery.  What sets this play apart from other comedies, is that there are four actors, and between the 4 of them, they play over 100 different characters.  They are constantly switching costumes and accents in a flurry.  Some of the characters they came up with were so hilarious, and the plot was constantly twisting and turning.  I would highly recommend seeing this play if you ever get the chance.

Then it was back home to the Savoy, to snuggle up in our warm, delicious beds, to rest up for another exciting day, full of famous London sights!


  1. What a fun night that was. Your room looked beautiful in the background, and you looked beautiful in the foreground. It all seems so elegant and exciting now we are back home!

  2. Oh man, I LOVE that dollhouse!!!