Monday, December 7, 2015

The Savoy

Our last stop on our tour of England was, of course, London!  We definitely ended with a bang and stayed at the Savoy during our stay in this bustling city!  This hotel is incredible, and so unbelievably gorgeous.

Their fresh floral arrangements were some of the prettiest arrangements I have ever seen in my life.

This is Kasper, he is the mascot of the Savoy and has a very interesting back story ... Kaspar's tale began in 1898, when the diamond magnate Woolf Joel held a dinner party for 14 guests at the London hotel. One dropped out at the last minute, reducing the number of diners to 13, prompting one to predict that death would befall the first person to leave the table. Joel scoffed at the idea and left first. Weeks later he was shot dead.
Shocked by the news, the hotel invited staff to join tables of 13. This practice continued until in 1927 when the designer Basil Ionides created a 2ft-high feline sculpture to become the 14th dinner guest.  Kasper is still used today, if you have a dinner party of 13, a place will be set for Kasper, making it an even 14.  Kasper will have a full service table setting and will be served every course, being treated as a true guest.  
After learning about this tradition at the Savoy, I was sad that we didn't have 10 of our closest friends to have a dinner party to have the full "Kasper Experience."

These orchids were REAL!  It blew my mind.

Oriental Toile wallpaper! I have never seen anything like it, I fell in love.

This was my elegant and cozy room.  I wanted to move right in, and never leave.  It was perfection.

In the main lobby, they have a bake and tea shop.  Everything in there was a work of art, and I wanted one of each.  We did get a few macarons to share, to add to our on going macaron taste test.  I would say they faired pretty high on our list, they were very flavorful and you could not beat their color!

After settling in for a little while, we were off to see the town.  Numerous posts coming your way of what we did in this exciting city!


  1. Oh wow, what a gorgeous place! I want to have dinner with Kaspar!

  2. This was like staying in a palace. The interior was so elegant, the beds big and soft, the rose scented shampoo and soap...ahh that was living! I'm glad we stayed extra days to thoroughly enjoy the ambiance!