Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Sights of London

This morning, dad and I walked the city.  We walked to a few of the famous monuments and sights that were close to our hotel.  First stop, Trafalgar Square.  I was kind of sad they didn't have the crazy pigeons to feed, like in Venice, anymore.  But we made sure to climb the center monument to snap the obligatory picture.  It's harder then it looks to get up and down by the lions.  I had to have a strong, nice British man lift me off the monument, cause I could not figure out how to get down!  But that awesome picture was worth it!

As we were walking down to Big Ben from Trafalgar Square, we happened upon the changing of these horseback guards!  It was a very serendipitous moment, and very fun to watch.

The horse on the left was super naughty and would not stand still and kept spinning in circles, his guard was not happy about it.

Here are the new guards and horses settling in and preparing for their hour of duty.

Then we made it, Parliament and Big Ben!  No matter how many times I visit this famous landmark, it's always just as thrilling to stand in it presence as if it was the first time.

The London Eye, is right on the other side of the river from Parliament.  So after snapping a few photos in front of the eye, we met up with mom and took a ride.

This awesome 360 map came with our tickets, and labeled all the buildings we would be looking at as we soared high above the city!


  1. Great post! It was fun to see what you and Dad explored on your walk. The horse guard was a colorful addition! Great timing!

  2. You got some great pictures of London! That 360 degree map of London is pretty cool!