Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day At Sea #1

After our day in Bergen, we had a much needed day at sea. I love days at sea, they are so relaxing and are a great opportunity to enjoy the ship. 

We began our relaxing day with a fun character breakfast at Animator's Palate

Vienne had a special book she asked all the characters to sign

Thomas and James were over the moon the entire morning, they are at the perfect age for meeting the Disney characters. They would get so excited when they would see someone coming, then they would run and give each character a huge hug.

Minnie is James' favorite character, so he gave her multiple hugs
and was full of excitement the entire time she was at our table. 
It was adorable

Vienne, on the other hand, was trying to be brave through most of the 
meetings. She did a wonderful job, such a brave girl ;)

After breakfast, a group of us went to the pub for a drawing class. This time around 
we learned how to draw Micky Mouse!

After art class, I went to the Burton's room to play games 

Then we headed down to the theater for a special matinee performance of the brand new Tangled musical!

We stopped by the shop on our way to the theater and they had this awesome print of our entire cruise route. I didn't buy it, I thought a picture would suffice, it was fun to see it all mapped out like that.

Jame is the master of taking silly photos

The show was INCREDIBLE!!! It was so cute and so magical. The costume and set design were absolutely perfect, and the actors all did an amazing job!

Micky and Minnie in their Scandinavian finest 

James fell asleep first thing when we all sat down to dinner, all that fun was super tiring!

Our servers made us all super silly costumes out of a variety of kitchen items

He slept through the entire meal :)

After dinner, Jenny, Mike and I headed to the pub, which had been turned into the Snuggly Duckling for the day, to play some games and see all the fun decor.

There were viking thugs all over the place

After games at the pub, we headed over to the adults only club for our nightly evening activities with our favorite entertainment director, Matt.

When I got back to my room, my watch was just about to strike midnight and the sun was just BEGINNING to set! Those super long days were amazing!

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