Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reykavik, Iceland: The Golden Circle I

Day 2 in Reykjavik may have been my favorite day of our cruise. The majority of the family signed up for an excursion that toured the natural wonders of the Golden Circle with a family BBQ for lunch. 

We began our day with the BBQ. When we pulled up, Gryla and one of her Yule Lads were waiting for us. Gryla is a giantess from Icelandic folklore, that is supposed to come and get naughty children and make them into stew, and she has 12 sons called the yule lads. This legend is supposed to motivate children to be well-behaved, but it may have had the reverse effect on some of the kids at the BBQ.

The yule lad was trying to steal and trick all the kids the entire time we were there, he may have been by favorite part of the whole day. He was absolutely hilarious.

We ate lunch in the most festive little tent that was decorated with stripped velvet fabric and bright colored lights

The scenery was breath taking

After having a total blast at our BBQ we headed on to our next stop, the Haukadalur Church.  The Church has been in Haukadalur from ancient times, the earliest references to the church are from the year 1121. Our guide lead us on a little walk by the stream behind the church and told us that a giant supposedly used to live here, and when he died they buried him behind the church because he wanted to be where he could hear the church bells and the stream going by. The metal ring on the church door is said to be from the top of the giant's walking stick.

Then we got to taste fresh Icelandic water straight from the river. It was the clearest, cleanest water and tasted so good. I am pretty picky about my water, and will only drink certain bottled water brands, and this water may have been the best I have tasted. It was crisp and clean and oh so delicious.

After we finished at the church we had three more stops one to see an epic waterfall, one to see geysers and we ended by walking between two tectonic plates, pictures from those adventures to come. It was a pretty epic day!

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