Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Apple Picking in Paradise

Apple picking has been on my autumn bucket list for years, and same with Bethy, we just always seem to run out of time. However, this year we made it happen, and we went to the most perfect orchard which made the experience all the more wonderful. Bethy found the adorable orchard up in Paradise, Utah called Paradise Valley Orchard, CLICK HERE to view their website, they are the sweetest people! I didn't even know Utah had a town named Paradise, it is a teeny tiny town up by Logan.

We were a little nervous about the weather, it had been pretty chilly the few days before we went, and there were plenty of threatening clouds on the drive up. But when we arrived at the orchard, it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine, perfect apple picking weather.

When we arrived, we were greeted by two extremely sweet and beautiful dogs. One was a gentle golden retriever and the other was a spunky black lab. After saying hello to the pups, we were each given baskets for our apples, they even had a small one that was just Vienne's size! It was so adorable to watch her tottle around with her basket on her arm.

The scenery was gorgeous. Lots of rolling hills with hints of reds and yellows as the trees were beginning to change colors.

In addition to apples to pick, there were also lots of different kinds of animals to see. A crowd favorite were the bunnies, they were in an enclosure that was just Vienne's height so it was the perfect size for her to peer in an see the little fluffs.

Around back, behind the barn there were chickens, the cutest llama I have ever seen, and a big family of piglets. V was very curious about the chickens, but also a little nervous around them.

The llama was a little shy and would often hid in the barn, but it had a teddy bear face and super long eye lashes, it was adorable.

I'm pretty sure V's favorite part of the whole day was swinging on the swing set. The instant we got to the orchard, she was asking to take it for a spin, but we wanted to make sure to get in the rest of the activities first since we knew it would probably be hard to get her off the swings once she was on them.

They had the cutest little general store where guests go to pay for their apples. They have fresh pressed apple juice for sale and we just couldn't resist trying some. I usually do not like apple juice, at all, but I figured it was all part of the experience and fresh apple juice is always better than the bottled kind. That juice was the best tasting apple juice I have ever had, I had a giant cup full and could have had another!

V loved it too

I loved this day! It was the perfect autumn activity, and I got to experience it with the best company.

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