Thursday, January 26, 2017

Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum

I have always been fascinated by the Kentucky Derby, it's always been on my life bucket list to attend one day. So I was beyond excited to tour the famous Churchill Downs and learn more about this one of a kind event.

We had the opportunity to meet with a jockey and learn what's like to compete in this unique sport. He was such a nice guy and it was so interesting to learn all about the gear, training, and everything else that are parts of a jockey's career.

He brought his first racing contract for us to see.

During the presentation, we were right next to the track so we could watch riders zoom past us during practice.

Next we were able to walk through the stable area on our way to the museum. All the horses were so gorgeous and strong but we were told racing horses are intense and fierce so we had to keep a good distance.

When we arrived at the museum, we started our visit with a showing of The Greatest Race, a movie all about the culture of The Kentucky Derby. It is shown on a full circle screen, so we felt totally immersed in the race. Out of everything we saw and learned, this movie made me want to attend the Race for the Roses more than anything else. It's a spectacular film.

After the movie, we were free to explore the museum, it's a super fun place to visit.

My favorite part about the Kentucky Derby, the part I am most excited to take part in one day, is the fashion. The big hats, the fun dresses, the outlandish southern suites, all the bright colors. I love that whole aspect of the race, it is really just one big party for people to get dressed up for.

This hat is such a masterpiece. So many Kentucky favorites all on one massive and colorful hat. I love it so much

My dad and I tried our hands at being jockeys, it is no surprise that is is super hard!

I have so much to learn about this sport, but I am fascinated by it all! For example, how the condition of the track effects the race.

Then it was time to visit the gift shop, I could not resist trying on as many of the big hats as possible

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  1. Very nice review of the Kentucky Museum. You look beautiful in those
    Kentucky Derby hats