Monday, January 30, 2017

Inn on Biltmore Estate

The Inn on Biltmore Estate is a gorgeous hotel, and I absolutely loved our stay here, I actually would have loved to stay a few more nights! This was the view out my window, pretty hard to beat.

The grounds are green, lush and gorgeous. Dad and I took a little stroll to explore them before dinner one night. 

There were a few gift shops on property that Mom and I loved to look through. We treated ourselves to a couple of chocolates one afternoon, and enjoyed them on the lovely patio right off the lobby.

On the evening we arrived at the Inn, we had dinner in their formal dining room. We were shown to our table where my white napkin was replaced with a black one so that it would better match my outfit.

Our meal began with a palate awakener of creamy lobster bisque 

Next course was a green salad, with egg white foam

The dining room was gorgeous, and we got to watch the sunset over the blue smokey mountains from all the large floor to ceiling windows lining the walls.

My main course, roasted chicken in a sweet citrus sauce

Then an itty bitty palate cleanser before dessert

Fancy encrusted cheesecake to end the meal.

The view from my window was unbelievably gorgeous every morning. The mist hung low in the mountains and the sunrise colored the ski in that gorgeous hue of sky blue pink.

We spent the entire day at the Vanderbilt Estate, touring through all of it's 250 rooms, pictures from that tour will be coming in the next post. After our day of Vanderbilt extravagance, we had dinner out on the porch of our wonderful hotel. We sat in rocking chairs and looked out over the grounds, it was the perfect evening.

I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich, I added all of the add ons which included avocado, fried green tomatoes and some ham. Best sandwich ever! But also the hardest sandwich of which to take an appetizing photo...

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