Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Summer Wrap Up

My summer was full of sweet, little moments and adventures sprinkled in between the big, grand experiences. Here are a few of the smaller moments that I loved so much:

My parent's backyard is one of my favorite places on this entire earth. It is so gorgeous. We would often spend time out there after our weekly Sunday dinners. There is a swing set, playhouse and fountain that make it the perfect place to let the imagination fly. I remember spending hours out there as a little girl, and I love watching the grandkids play with the same things I loved so much.

Sometimes the Griffins would bring their sweet dog, Dorie who is best friends with Oswald the Westie, who lives next door to my parents. We would invite Oswald over for play dates the nights Dorie came to visit.

For Reece's birthday I gave him two movie tickets that came with free babysitting. The night he cashed them in, Vienne and I had quite the fun night out on the town. We packed up the wagon and walked across the street to get hot dogs at J Dawgs.

Then we were just strollin the streets when we came across this super fun free concert at the Gallivan Center. There was a big band that was playing music from all eras, 20s, 50s, 80s etc and there was a large dance floor that was full of couples. V instantly got out of the wagon to start dancing, she was diggin the music big time. We hung out for a while, V loved climbing around on the stairs and shaking that little booty of hers.

We got a coupon for a free ice cream, V was in heaven.

It was such a fun night with my favorite gal pal

There is a park in highland that is one of my favorite places to go to unwind and to enjoy the sunshine. I spent some time there this summer, and it was always just what I needed to destress.

The pool at Traverse Mountain finally opened this year! I went night swimming with Angie and Lu one evening and it was splendid.

Beth and I introduced V to the State Fair, one of our favorite summer traditions. Her favorite part was the funnel cake :)

One night Laura invited Angie and I to the Cedar Hills Food Truck Round up. It was the perfect, warm summer evening, we each picked what we wanted for dinner then had a picnic on the beautiful green grass and chatted the night away.

I tended V another night and to say thank you, Beth and Reece treated me to dinner. They took me to an Ethiopian restaurant on state street. It was such a fun and delicious experience, we got the sampler platter where we got to scoop up the different curries with rolls of spongy bread.

My Dad spends hours in his garden every summer and it's always the most gorgeous garden.

Towards the end of the summer, Beth invited me to go check out the Gem Faire with her and her family. Beth had been given free tickets when she attended Comicon a few months earlier, none of us knew what to expect, but we are always up for discovering new things and going on adventures.

Turns out the Gem Faire is super rad. There were booths after booths of the sparkliest beads and rocks. There were endless cases of jewelry with all kinds of stones. There were tables full of the prettiest fossils. We were in heaven. Even little V thought it was a super cool place to be. We both ended up with a few packages including large frames full of butterflies. It was a very fun and unique experience!

These were the fun treasures I walked away with.

And with that we bid adieu to Summer and said a big, enthusiastic hello to Fall, my favorite season!

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