Sunday, January 1, 2017

Double Decker Bus Tour

This was my view as I woke up in London, pretty unbeatable. Since we had to meet up with our double decker bus so early, we didn't have time to get breakfast from the main dining room, so we ordered room service, and it was simple and delicious.

We had ordered these adorable shirts before we left, they sure made for some cute family photos

All ten of the grandkids!

When we booked the double decker bus tour, we imagined riding around town in one of those adorable vintage red buses, however, when we met up with our tour guide and bus we ended up with a Jack the Ripper bus, and a whole lot of questions from the kids about who Jack the Ripper was .... good times.

As we took our coveted, open air seats on the top deck the sun was rising over London, and it was a beautiful site

It was also freezing, Thomas had brought a pastry to snack on in a napkin from breakfast he ended up having to use the napkin as a blanket to stay warm!

We had a few stops were we got off the bus, 
the first of those stops was at Westminster Abbey

Our next stop was at the Tower of London where we caught a boat for a little float down the river

I saw this sign and I just loved it too much

Shakespearean Globe Theater 

Sailing past our magnificent hotel

After our boat ride, we met back up with our double decker Jack the Ripper bus and rushed to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard.

Then our bus dropped us off at our hotel so we could take a spin on the famous London Eye...

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