Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Afternoon Tea on Star Wars Day

I was excited to be in the parks on Star Wars day, May 4th! I made sure to wear one of my many star wars shirts to celebrate, and it was fun to see how other Star Wars fans celebrated our day.

We spent the morning in California Adventure

I had been super excited to try these special addition rose cake pops, yet another fun item created to celebrate the new Beauty and the Beast. It's a chocolate cake pop with a fruity sour punch straw twisted around it. I normally am not the biggest cake pop fan, but that zingy, fruity surprise made this pop super delicious, I may have gotten more than one throughout the week... not to mention it's super adorable.

We drew Piglet in the Animation Academy 

Then I said goodbye to Alexis and Taylor as they are heading home today, I am meeting up with the Madisons later today for an extension of my Disney adventure! I had a few hours alone before meeting up with Laura for tea at the Disneyland Hotel so I headed back to Disneyland to spend some quality time strolling through the Main Street Shops.

I did some window shopping and documented a few items to add to my Disney wishlist, such as the gorgeous snow globe music box pictured above. I also was FORCED to buy a Disney sweatshirt because the temperamental weather decided to turn from sweltering heat to cloudy and chilly at a moments notice, which I didn't plan for and had no warm clothing in my suitcase. After shopping and  bundling up, I decided to catch a ride on the horse drawn trolley, I hadn't ever ridden this classic Disney vehicle so I was pretty excited about it!

When I jumped off the trolley and said goodbye to the horse and driver, one of the Old cars was waiting for riders so I figured, why not. I hopped on board,  and we waited for other riders for a while, then the driver decided to take me on a solo ride. She told me all sorts of fascinating Disney stories from her time working in the parks, she has had every Disney job imaginable, it was such a fun ride!

After saying goodbye to my super friendly driver, I figured I should complete the list of main street vehicles and take a ride on the double decker bus. It was nice to have some down time to ride some of these fun vehicles that I have seen and passed by a hundred times but never took the time to ride. It was chill and relaxing.

I got great views of Main Street from a different, higher up perspective from my seat on the double decker bus.

After my fun and spontaneous rides up and down Main Street it was time to head to the Disneyland Hotel to meet up with Laura for afternoon tea!

I changed into more appropriate afternoon tea attire and swooned over the adorable wallpaper in the women's restroom.

We were given miniature rock candy sticks with which to sweeten our tea, can you say perfection??!

When the food arrived, everything was absolutely exquisite!

I asked for a peanut butter and jelly finger sandwich instead of the traditional salmon and cream cheese sandwich because I can't stand salmon. I was thrilled to discover my PB&J was cut in the shape of a mickey face, so adorable and delicious!

After our delectable meal, we were given chocolates as a tea party favor and asked if we would like a drink to take with us, um YES! I LOVE when restaurants offer drinks to go. I got a delicious fruity, flowery iced tea to go.

After saying goodbye to Lu, she and Rob are leaving for home this afternoon, I checked into my room at the Disneyland Hotel! This is the hotel we used to stay at when we would come as a family when I was a little girl. It has gone through quite a few changes since then but I was excited to be back! I was most excited about the light up headboards that play a twinkling version of When You Wish Upon a Star when you turn the lights on! So magical!

I relaxed in my room until I was notified the Madisons had arrived!!! I was so excited to see them! This will be Vienne's first visit to Disneyland and I am beyond thrilled that I get to experience it all with her!

More magical Disney posts to come!

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  1. Kind of fun to be on your own in Disneyland! I love you rode all the vehicles! Also, the rose pop and the rock candy stir stick for tea were so clever and ...delicious! The tea looked lovely. We need to find one in SLC and go. Haven't had tea since NYC!